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    unreleased Dreamcast soundtracks?

    I'm a big VGM junkie. So I know there's probably quite a few. I'm wondering if there is a list somewhere that I can view? And if a list doesn't exist, I say we make one. 8-)
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    best songs and soundtracks from dreamcast games

    In your opinion(s) what are some of the best songs and soundtracks from dreamcast games ,personally for me it has to be Sonic Adventure DX Music: Windy Valley 1 - YouTube Shenmue Original Soundtrack (Complete) - YouTube Pier Solar (MD): 03 - Illness - YouTube
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    Dreamcast/Sega Soundtracks Download

    Here is a collection of forgotten/rare sega soundtracks like Panzer Dragoon Saga, this will be updated as time goes on and feel free to list a soundtrack you have! also a good place for Dc soundtracks is here OST - Panzer Dragoon Collection Download Panzer Dragoon Collection...
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