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    The Smurfs Dreams

    The Smurfs Dreams
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    Smurfs Village

    Bonus paint colorsUnlock Painter Smurf and he will be able to paint objects blue, red, and white. To unlock the other colors, complete the indicated image in the Painter Smurf's mini-game at a "Close To Perfection" rank. Note: Colors cannot be unlocked in Practice mode. Unlockable How to...
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    Revenge Of The Smurfs Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Level 1 codes Enter the codes. Password - Effect 42726 - Carnivorous Plant 71026 - The Black Forest 07801 - The Bridge 14226 - The Forest 60443 - The Tree Level 2 codes Enter the codes. Password - Effect 32381 - The Dam 17133 - The Field 70726 - The Haunted Lake 72811...
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