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    Best beginning shmup

    I'm currently new the genre, and I have 3 choices. Ikaruga, Giga Wing 2, and Mars Matrix. I know nothing about any of the games so I need some advice from some trigger happy gamers out there ^_^. Thanks in advanced.
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    Do you agree with this "greatest shmup system" poll and dc

    Do you agree with this "greatest shmup system" poll and dc thread discussion ? Best "shmup" system, DC, TG16, other - Page 4 Weak soundtracks, not many great shmups ? Some members videos posted in post 1.
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    What is the easiest Shmup for the DC?

    Just getting into shmups on the DC, and also want to introduce my girlfriend to them as well. But I don't want to tackle something that is too hard at first. Any thoughts on a good shmup to start her with? Also, is this the complete list of shmups for the DC? SHMUPS!
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    Need advice to decide for my first PAL Shmup

    Hello everyone, My first thread is nothing but questions, sorry for that. Since I'm trying to complete a PAL set, I'm wondering which PAL Shmup to start with. Basically I do not own any DC Shmups but would like something colorful with nice sounds and gameplay. Is there any particular game...
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