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    Seaman (USA)

    [h=3]Seaman (USA)[/HEADING] Heat Never Fluctuates When Game On The heater will stay at a constant of about 17.4 c. This code is for the Aquarium portion of the game. 335928220000418B Air Never Drops When Game On Set the air when you start, and you’ll never have to adjust it. This is for the...
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    christmas seaman dreamcast on ebay :shock: :shock: :shock: it enden 5 mins ago, I wanted to do a last minute bid, but it went up from â,¬600 to almost 2000 in the last minute :shock: :shock:
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    Question about Seaman mic

    So I finally got myself what I though would be a complete copy of Seaman but it turns out to be missing the microphone. I have the adapter/VMU thingie and I've been trying to use a mic from my PC. It's a little dodgy. I was wondering if anyone knows of a place that sells replacement mics? Or...
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    Bought Seaman 2 *imported* and Seaman Christmas off ebay

    Can't wait to play it soon,hopes it's fun and hope it's worth bringing out the ole' PS2. I just hope he doesn't speak japanese!
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    seems my country made Seaman

    Lernout & Hauspie Demonstrates New Technologies and Products At PC Expo; Continues Expanding Uses and Platforms for Speech. - Free Online Library Lernout & Hauspie, everybody in the world knows em, they're from belgium (as am I), they went broke & went to jail. what I didn't know however is...
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    Seaman Report

    ok, so I'm on holiday for a month and am not going anywhere so I (finally) decided to get into this. I'm not sure if I'm gonna keep it going (or if I forget to play & it dies :lol: ), but I'll see where it takes me. WEEK 1 Day 1: -put the air to 100% -put the temp to 19,9° -dropped an egg in...
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    X-mas Seaman? Did I get an OK deal?

    I have yet to find a nice copy of Seaman with Mic boxed. However I just got some Special Christmas Seaman disc on Ebay for like $22. I heard it was only sold for ten days in japan and with christmas red consoles there as well. Any info on this? Will it be a nice rare to add to my collection? Or...
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    Question about NTSC-J Seaman.

    I Have an question. The JPN Seaman is in English or Japanese?
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    Funny Seaman Video (Must Watch!)

    I was browsing YouTube, and I eventually saw this video: Alex Talks to Seaman for The Sega Dreamcast 4 (Song) - YouTube It is by far the funniest Seaman video I have ever seen. DC fans like me must watch! Props to the guy who made it. This makes every day of my life a little better, alongside...
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    Thinking About Getting Seaman...

    I've always wanted to talk to a fish, just for it to say something back. This has always been a fantasy to me...until I heard about "Seaman" for the Sega Dreamcast. Since I own a Dreamcast, I thought it would be a good thing to spend my Christmas money on. I am currently trying to hunt down...
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    Questions about Seaman

    So I just picked up a boxed copy of Alien Front Online, with the microphone, and I need to know, will the mic work just fine with Seaman? Because it's easier to get just the disc and manual than the box for that.
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    Seaman turns 15!

    2000. It was a big year. Billions were gearing up for the new millennium, the Homestar Runner website launched, and the second PlayStation, XBox, and the Dolphin were coming shortly. And, of course, we musn't forget about Seaman, probably one of the, experiences ever created...
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    Seaman Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

    Drain the aquarium When the seaman gets old enough he will help you move the rock to drain the aquarium. Give your Seaman a new name After naming your Seaman the first time, repeatedly ask "Do you love me?". Eventually, you will be able to change your Seaman's name. Hidden audio Place...
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