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    Nintendo finally allows user game reviews

    While Nintendo has often led the gaming world in innovations and experiments, it has just as often been in a last-place position. This has been a particular issue with its online services, from network connectivity to online shops. As a result, the company's stealth update on Friday came as a...
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    My own line of reviews

    Ya im going to start reviewing some DC games at the reviews section. Just though i would tell everyone. My first one is up already so feel free to check it out ^^
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    Classic Game Room FINALLY Reviews DUX!

    Hey guys, Saw this on the Classic Game Room YouTube channel a day ago. Hope you like it. -Cool Classic Game Room - DUX for Dreamcast review - YouTube
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    Hard4Games reviews Omikron for SEGA Dreamcast. Anyone hear remember this game? I remember it vagely. It came out in 2000 and also had a more solid,superior PC version. (Note the Youtube tag is broken for some reason)
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    Carters Retro Reviews

    Firstly, I am really sorry if I have posted this in the wrong spot. I have been doing this review thing for awhile now and I today, I posted a review for Jet Set Radio. I would have posted it in the reviews section except my reviews do not conform to the rules. I do not give arbitrary scores. I...
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    Full scans of Dreamcast print magazine game reviews

    Maybe this is old news, but I only found out today that this site exists. Out-of-Print Archive • Dreamcast reviews archive These are scanned in reviews from the UK Dreamcast magazine. Kinda cool to look at as all the games were new back then.
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    Reviews section overhaul finished

    As some of you might have noticed, the Reviews section has been undergoing a slight overhaul over the last few days. I added an A-Z index topic with separate links to every review for every game, and I will be updating it as you guys write more reviews in the future. enjoy :mrgreen: Index...
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    Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Friday the 13th

    FRIDAY THE 13th - NES - Angry Nintendo Nerd -
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    Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Bible Games 2

    Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Bible Games 2, enjoy!
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    Angry Video Game Nerd reviews superman

    The angry video game nerd reviews the superman games on several platforms including atari and the nes.
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