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    System Shock - Launch Trailer | PS5

    System Shock - Launch Trailer | PS5 View:
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    STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R – Game Update Trailer

    STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R – Game Update Trailer
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    Illbleed - best candidate for a DC remake on Wii U?

    Maybe this idea would go over better on a Wii U forum, but as I'm not registered at any, I present you with this food for thought. How would you feel about a remake of IllBleed, in HD, on Wii U? I think it would be incredible. The GamePad would function as a Horror Monitor, plus display maps and...
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    Godzilla Generations Remake for PS3????!!!!

    Anyone else think this trailer for a new Godzilla game on PS3 looks suspiciously like Godzilla Generations? It never got very high reviews but I really liked the game, and would certainly love a remake. GODZILLA The Video Game Trailer (2014) - YouTube
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    Shenmue HD fan remake? WIP

    So, I didn't really know where to post this since this example is running on PC. But yeah it''s Shenmue and it looks awesome. Am I late to the party on this one? Or is Kotaku? First I've heard of this. storybreak stars<\/title><path d="M5.146 9.01l-.19-3.623 3.057 1.985.693-1.197-3.213-1.67...
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    Next 3DS Zelda may be a Majora's Mask or Link to the Past remake

    "We haven't quite decided yet," says Shigeru Miyamoto. Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto has suggested the next 3DS entry in the series will likely be a remake of N64 game Majora's Mask or SNES classic A Link to the Past. Click here to read the full article More...
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