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    Something I wish could be ported to DC...

    I wasnt sure where to post this. but this is a mugen mod. that has come a long way and the 2 people working on it is putting great attention to detail and doing a great job at it. Card Sagas Wars - Lenneth VS Walkure - YouTube Oh. Im a Fighting Game Fan.
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    Is the source engine ported to the dreamcast?

    I was wondering if the source engine was ported to the dreamcast yet or not, i know that half life for dreamcast was released but im not so sure this is the source engine. If anybody has any information on this please reply. Thanks :geek:
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    Arcade games that should have been ported to the dreamcast ?

    Any arcade games released on model 2 ,3 naomi and naomi 2 that you feel should have been ported to the dreamcast back in the day I was thinking spikout , slashout, scud race , harley davidson la riders , asian dynamite and of course Daytona usa 2
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