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    Ooga Booga Hinted in Floigan Bros Episode 1

    I've been playing through Floigan Bros Episode 1 and I found something interesting. It's the mask used by Twitchy in Ooga Booga. A game which came out a few months after Floigan Bros. was released. Take a look at the video below. Did anyone else notice the reference when playing the game...
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    Ooga Booga SDISO?

    as the thread title implies, it would be nice if someone wanted to make an SDISO for Ooga Booga for people like me that have no CDs at hand and are broke ass bitches 8-)
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    Ooga Booga Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

    All tribal trial missions Enter "IMINFRANCE" as a code to unlock all tribal trial missions. Choose Victory Pose After winning a round, hit either X, Y, A or B to strike a pose and taunt your Ooga brethren. Enter "IGOTNOSKILLZ" as a code to unlock everything except the meteor spell...
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