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    Dreamcast Magazines

    Hey guys, I have been looking around the net but i cant manage to find any pdf's of any of the dreamcast magazines, im sure im not the only one interested in reading them. The website has a couple but you need to be a full member. i have an issue of the unnoficial UK one coming...
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    Dreamcast related magazines for download! :D

    I am so happy now I can't hide it! These are the last issues of the Saturn magazine from the UK leading up to the Dreamcast release! Lots of DC news in it from back in the day! The Credits - The Credits -
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    Edge Magazine's Top Fifty Forgotten Games.

    For those of you who don't know, Edge Magazine is a highly respected, some wouls say highbrow publication based in the UK. Sort of a British Famitsu. They have just released a list of forgotten games which includes some, that I'll list, that maybe are of interest to people here. "So here are...
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    List of all Dreamcast magazines from all over the world

    I've never found a complete list with all the issues of the Dreamcast-only magazines that were published back in the day, so I thought about starting one. I'm thinking of listing all the issues from all the countries, with release dates and stating if they came with a promo GD-ROM or any...
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