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    Automobili Lamborghini

    All CarsAt the Main screen, press R(6x).
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    Automobile Lamborghini

    800CE76F 0063 Infinite Time 800CE743 0064 100 Points 800CE76F 0000 No Race Time 800CE76F FFFF Time Always 255 800CE743 FFFF 511 Points 800A2BE1 00?? Music Volume Modifier (00-64) 800A2BE3 00?? SFX Volume Modifier (00-64) 800985C3 0001 800985C5 0001 800985C7 0001...
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    Lamborghini American Challenge codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Unlimited turbos Allow the demonstration that follows the title screen to go to completion. Begin game play after the title screen re-appears to have unlimited turbos.
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    Lamborghini American Challenge Game Genie Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    DD6E-440D + D96E-446D Start with $128,000 5D6E-440D + D76E-446D Start with $88,000 6D6E-440D Start with $12,800 C224-CF8F Repair 10% of car for $100 3324-C45F Repair 10% of car for free C22A-377D Free turbos D169-443B Start with 6-speed transmission 8B81-34D7...
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