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    Michael Jackson: The Experience

    "Perfect" timing Reach the "Dance Floor Rookie" rank.
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    Bo Jackson: Hit And Run

    Easy Stikeout There is an easy way to strikeout right-handed batters in baseball. First, when pitching choose a curveball. Second, before you throw the ball move the pitcher the farthest to the left on the mound. Next, throw the pitch WITHOUT moving the ball in the air. Though it looks like...
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    Bo Jackson: Two Games in One

    Baseball 01F-13C-F7A 1 ball and you walk 02F-13C-F7A 2 balls and you walk 05F-13C-F7A 5 balls and you walk 00E-C5C-3BA Strikes aren't counted--ignore message, you need 4 balls to walk 003-E88-3BA Outs aren't counted 01E-87C-E66 1 strike and you're out 02E-87C-E66 2...
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    Bo Jackson Baseball cheat codes (for NES)

    All Bo team Select any team, then select a computer team. While pressing A to get to the screen that shows your lineup, press Left, Select and B simultaneously for an all Bo team.
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