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    Just introducing myself.

    Hey guys, Volg is the name gaming is my.... .. game. Anyways I'm a huge Dreamcast fan and SEGA was the best around when the DC was released. I still remember the first DC I got Sonic was my hero and I got Sonic Adv. 1 with it but no VMU and all the stores were sold out. So my Brothers and I...
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    Introducing! The Dreamcast Tablet!

    First it was a Hand held Dreamcast, then it was a IMAC Dreamcast mod, now its a Dreamcast tablet?!? The Dreamcast Junkyard: The DreamTablet Whats next? Dreamcast shoes?
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    Introducing the Dreamcast Live DLC Archive!

    Dreamcast Live is now home to the internet's largest collection of Dreamcast DLC! This is still a work in progress with the ultimate goal of archiving every bit of Dreamcast DLC ever released. I managed to find all the DLC that was hosted by the now defunct plus a lot more. If you know...
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