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    Installed blue led

    I installed a blue led in my Dreamcast. The result is pretty nice, but under the hood it looks worse, but i'm learning to solder and start with easy things. The led is is a bit more darker blue but because of the flash of my camera it looks lighter.
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    New dark theme enabled and dbseo installed.

    Right so, recently we've installed dbseo and we also have a new darker theme for those who prefer darker themes as it's a bit easier on the eyes. So the url structure may have changed a bit but not by much. To enable the new skin, browse to the bottom left and find the style chooser, it's...
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    Rumor: Next Xbox Will Require That Games Be Installed On Hard Drive

    Source: According to a report based on leaked Xbox development documents published at the website The Verge, users will be required to install disc-based games on the...
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    Accidently installed CFW6.38 Help!!!

    So I am a totaly noob when it comes to this stuff and I accidently installed CFW 6.38 on my PSP Slim over my CFW 5.50. I have tried Hellcats Recovery tool and various other methods to restore my CFW but when I try to run it or any patcher for that matter I get the "this game cannot be started...
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    Installed PSX Games on PSPGO CFW 6.20??

    I have got my PSX game in its folder with 2 files inside, EBOOT.PBP & KEYS.BIN, i have put the folder in PSP/GAMES but all i get is a corrupt file icon for the game when browsing to it on the PSP. Im guessing i have to install something else. Can some give me assistance?
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    Bought used psp, with CFW already installed. need help updating it.

    Greetings, I check system information and it shows version 6.35, if i apply the cfw it reads version 6.35 PRO. no suffix like A1 or B7. I uploaded a video so maybe someone can identify the CFW i have installed. I would like to a CFW that supports...
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    So i just installed 6.39 PRO B8 but no USB recharge?

    Any fix for that? it only recharges if i'm in USB MODE but not while browsing or playing... Edit: almost forgot, its a psp 2000 btw, those ones that got no need to activate the hack when u boot it up.
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    Ibpro Arcade installed

    and with it several games have also been installed, enjoy! :grin:
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    Proxy Catchers Installed

    Two proxy catchers are now installed & ready to work. If you try to come here from visiting a proxy, these scripts will catch you. :D
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