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    PULSE Elite Wireless Headset X Millennium Parade

    PULSE Elite Wireless Headset X Millennium Parade
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    Using a headset for Dreamcast mic

    I've always wondered if you can use a headset 3.5mm microphone input in place of the included microphone dongle. So I bought a cheap Chinese headset for $15 and I can verify it does work. I used a Windows CE sample application to test I thought that would be useful information because of the...
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    State Of Sound: How To Use A Gaming Headset With PlayStation 4

    We’ve been following the story of how existing gaming headsets operate on the new-generation consoles. Today, we’re telling you about some of the options you have to get chat and game audio out of the PlayStation 4 at launch. Option 1: Using the enclosed earbud headset for chat. To get chat...
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    In-Ear Headset SCPH-98581; Do they work with the PSP-200 also?

    So I was at best buy today and saw a new pair of headphones for the PSP(GO): http://www.us.playstation.com/PSP/pspgoAccessories/SCPH-98581 What interested me was that the headphones have a mic on them. Will these headphones and mic work with the PSP-2000? I know that they say "for the...
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