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    Final Fantasy VI - Ending

    The lengthy ending cutscene to Final Fantasy VI on the SNES. (Originally titled Final Fantasy III in the US)When Kefka ends the world half-way through the game, the party splits up and you have to find them again. However, only Celes, Edgar, and Setzer are required for entering Kefka's Tower...
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    Twinkle Crusaders GoGo! [ULJS-00316] CWCheats

    Twinkle Crusaders GoGo! CWCheats _S ULJS-00316 _G Twinkle Crusaders GoGo! _C0 HP unabated players _N0 Fighting off the code when finished _L 0x60237020 0x00000002 _L 0x00000002 0x00000008 _L 0x1000000C 0x00000000 _C0 Player full strength (looks like a ..= = you understand ..) _N0 When the...
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