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    Kentoushi: Gladiator Begins [JAP] CWCHEATS [ULJM-05544]

    _S ULJM-05544 _G Kentoushi Gladiator Begins[JAP] _C0 Inf AT Points [can be changed] _L 0x1029C03C 0x000003E7 _C0 Inf Money _L 0x202AC1CC 0x000F4240 _C0 Liberated After 1 day ends _L 0x2029C880 0x00000001 _C0 By: Baldassano2008
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    Gladiator Begins [USA [ULUS-10528] CWCheats

    _S ULUS-10528 _G Gladiator Begins [USA] _C0 Inf Money _L 0x202CA9CC 0x3B9AC9FF _C0 Inf AP Points [9999] _L 0x202A3720 0x0000270F _L 0x202A463C 0x0000270F _C0 Retry [99] _L 0x202A3950 0x00000063 _C0 By Baldassano@Gweber _C0 AP Pts [99] _L 0x002A34FC 0x00000063 _C0 By aklikov _C0 Money _L...
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    Veigues: Tactical Gladiator Cheat Codes (for TurboGrafx)

    Boss bonus 10,000 points are awarded if full energy is remaining after defeating the Boss of any level. For each additional Boss defeated with full energy, the point bonus is doubled. | [Sent by Neto] Continue game Hold I + II, then reset the game at the title screen. Repeatedly tap or...
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    Star Gladiator 2 Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

    Play as Evil Gamof At the character selection screen, highlight Gamof, then hold Start and press A. Play as Kaede At the character selection screen, highlight Rain, then press Down(2), Left(2), Up. Play as Rai-On At the character selection screen, highlight Byakko, then press Up, Down...
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