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    Flashback series is almost here!

    Hey, guys! Just finished up my first episode of the G.E.N.A.R.-exclusive Flashback series! This first episode is where I will be talking about the Sega Dreamcast. It will be uploaded to the channel very soon. Don't miss it! Direct link to G.E.N.A.R. channel: King Will - YouTube
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    Flashback: The Quest for Identity Cheat Codes (for Jaguar)

    Level Codes Level Name Easy Medium Hard 1 Planet Titan LETY RISING RODEO 2 New Washington BOXER ORDO BINGO 3 Death Tower EAGLE PROFIT LSTED 4 Earth STKTON PRIZE DARTS 5 Secret Base TICKET SKAEPS BUDDY 6 Alien Planet I SUITE HITTER MUSIC 7 Alien Planet II PHASER TWIN SHOGI
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    1 AJ2T-AA3C Never lose a shield when shot--MAY MAKE SOME ENEMIES INVINCIBLE; SWITCH OFF TO KILL THEM 2 AT2T-AA44 Protection from some falls--SOME FALLS STILL KILL YOU 3 AM2A-WAH4 Start with 1 shield 4 AS2A-WAH4 Start with 2 shields 5...
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    Flashback: The Quest for Identity Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    Passwords These passwords will refresh your memory (and Conrad's) in short order. Level Easy Normal Expert 1 PIXEL FALCON CLIO 2 BETSY DATA ACRTC 3 PANCHO MILORD BLOB 4 STUDIO QUICKY STUN 5 TOHO BIJOU MIMOLO 6 AKANE BUBBLE HECTOR 7 INCBIN CLIP...
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    Flashback: The Quest for Identity Cheat Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Stone tips Use stones and place them at sensors to keep doors open and lifts in position. Throw a stone to distract aliens, giving you enough room to kill em. Throwing a stone trigs some laser sensors, killing the aliens and doing the job for you.
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    Flashback: The Quest for Identity Game Genie Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Flashback: The Quest for Identity 3C1F-EDAC Never lose a shield when shot--Switch off effects to kill enemies 8511-ED6C Don't die from most falls D4D4-5F78 Start with 1 shield D7D4-5F78 Start with 2 shields D0D4-5F78 Start with 3 shields D1D4-5F78 Start with...
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