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    Games that were finished but unreleased...

    Here's a thing that popped into my head the other day. What games are there that were 100% (or close to it) complete but were unreleased on the Dreamcast? I know of Propeller Arena and Half-Life, but are there any others? It's pretty much out of curiosity.
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    Reviews section overhaul finished

    As some of you might have noticed, the Reviews section has been undergoing a slight overhaul over the last few days. I added an A-Z index topic with separate links to every review for every game, and I will be updating it as you guys write more reviews in the future. enjoy :mrgreen: Index...
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    Upgrade to vbulletin 4.0.4 is finished!

    You can now "like" threads and also if you register via facebook you can choose to post on your wall when you make a new thread or reply to one. Also it looks like I'm going to have to do a bit of digging to prevent the navbar from cutting off the forum logo and not displaying the facebook...
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