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    Everyday SmartThings with HEUNG-MIN SON

    Everyday SmartThings with HEUNG-MIN SON
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    2006 FIFA World Cup

    Fifa World Cup Posters Perform the task specified in order to unlock that poster. You can then see the things you already have by using My Cup's Rewards Option. Effect - Code Fifa World Cup Poster 1 - Win the World Cup once Fifa World Cup Poster 10 - Qualify and win the World Cup with one team...
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    FIFA 09 (Nintendo DS)

    Bonuses Complete the indicated task in Manager mode to unlock the corresponding bonus. Classic Team: Win 15 games in Manager or Kick Off mode. Dribbling Training: Win 5 consecutive games in Manager mode. Giant Team Flag: Move into the top half of the league in Manager mode. Goal Keeper...
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    FIFA 08 (Nintendo DS)

    Dream team line up and subs It is a dream team so any body who finds manager mode hard to win use this team it is so good even I use it. It’s practically the best in the world! DREAM TEAM LINE UP GK: Gianluigi Buffon LFB: Ashley Cole CB: Alessandro Nesta CB: John Terry CB: Jaap Stam RW...
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    FIFA 07 (Nintendo DS)

    Unlockable Rewards In order to unlock these things, perform the action stated after it. You can also see what you have unlocked by selecting Rewards in the My FIFA 07 option from the main menu. Unlockable - How to unlock Home Stadium Upgrade 2 - Move into first place in the league, while...
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    FIFA 06 (Nintendo DS)

    My FIFA store points Complete the following tasks to earn the corresponding number of points at the My FIFA store: Complete the Underdog challenge: 500 points Complete the Hat Trick challenge: 500 points Win the LDV Vans Trophy: 500 points Win the Football League 1: 500 points Win the Football...
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    FIFA Soccer 2003 – Action Replay Codes [DE]

    The following are known Action Replay Codes for FIFA Soccer 2003 on Nintendo GameCube (GCN). These codes are for the German version of the game. Master Code – Must Be On QZYH-H8PE-W7XRV 71QM-CAEH-U997GPlayer 1: 99, Opposition: 0 5KFZ-M1KT-FGJZ1 RVET-VK93-1VXVC N9GQ-7UF8-8NQ34...
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    Fifa 16

    CelebrationsComplete the indicated actions to execute the corresponding celebration. Running celebrations Aeroplane: Click Right Analog-stick. Arms Out: Tap X, hold X. Arms Pointing Up: Flick Up and then hold Right Analog-stick Up. Blow Kisses: Flick Down and then hold Right Analog-stick...
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    FIFA Soccer '96

    Allow pushingGo to the passwords screen and enter: MY0P1C.
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    FIFA International Soccer

    Crazy BallTo make the ball's behavior more random, enter CR*ZY as a password.
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    Fifa 07

    Any Players in the team you chooseGo to the main menu then select My Fifa 07 then go to create club select empty then you can create from the crest to you can even put made up players in the squad then go through manager mode with them ( they will be in the rest of the world clubs)...
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    2006 FIFA World Cup

    All-African TeamWin the World Cup with a team from Africa.
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    Fifa 14 [ULUS-10655]

    ;Credits jjoao _S ULUS-10655 _C0 GOALS HOME _M 0x08EFEA90 0x0000012C _C0 GOALS AWAY _M 0x08F05F8C 0x00000024 _C0 Inf Time _M 0x08EF72C0 0x00000068 _C0 TIME OUT _M 0x08EF72C0 0x00000268 _C0 INF MONEY STORE _M 0x08EBCCF8 0x00100005 _C0 PENALTY _M 0x08F08BC4 0x00000005 _C0 UNLOCK STORE _M...
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    FIFA 11 [EU] NitePR [ULES-01475]

    ;<*FIFA Shop Codes*> #Items Cost Nothing 0x00080EE0 0x24060000 #Unlock Everything in Shop 0x006BCA48 0x00000001 0x006BCA50 0x00000001 0x006BCA58 0x00000001 0x006BCA60 0x00000001 0x006BCA68 0x00000001 0x006BCA70 0x00000001 0x006BCA78 0x00000001 0x006BCA80 0x00000001 0x006BCA88 0x00000001...
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    Fifa 10 [ULES-01322]

    _S ULES-01322 _G Fifa 10 _C0 Away team to win _L 0x20670D60 0x65630074 _L 0x006A0874 0x00000002 _C0 Team chemistry increase _L 0x00E296BC 0x00000099 _C0 Lets your team score a lot _L 0x20670D64 0x0030006B _L 0x206AFD14 0x09975790 _C0 Increase up your points _L 0x2096B3B8 0xFFFF00F9 _L...
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    Fifa 10 [EUR] [ULES-01331]

    _S ULES-01331 _G Fifa 10 _C0 Flashing ball _L 0x207476F0 0x422C45C2 _L 0x20761C74 0x43D51360 _C0 Powerful shot _L 0x20780604 0x43D51360 _L 0x20780608 0x454F9A72 _L 0x2078060C 0x447B2507 _L 0x20780610 0x453035D1 credits to jjoao of 1htgmr _C0 52 attribute points _L 0x00762C04 0x00000034 Credits...
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    2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa [ULUS-10504]

    _S ULUS-10504 _G 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa _C0 Infinite Goals Home _L 0x20726C54 0x00000063 _C0 Infinite Goals Away _L 0x2071B2F4 0x00000063 _C0 0 Goals Home _L 0x20726C54 0x00000000 _C0 0 Goals Away _L 0x2071B2F4 0x00000000 Credits to jjoao of onehitgamer
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    Fifa 2015 blus31443 1.00

    30 BUT A DOMICILE ------------------ 0 401EFEE8 0000001E 0 402A6550 0000001E 0 4040C7DC 0000001E 0 40442508 0000001E 0 40442698 0000001E 0 40442828 0000001E 0 404429B8 0000001E 0 40442B48 0000001E 0 40442CD8 0000001E 0 40442E68 0000001E 0 40442FF8 0000001E 0 40443188 0000001E 0 40443318...
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    FIFA Manager 08

    Easy moneyUse a text editor such as notepad to edit the "house.txt" file in the "\ea sports\fifa manager 08\user\objects" directory. Change the very last line to: Palace,Palais,Schloss,Palacio,Palazzo,Palac,-1200000000,palace.bmp,2005 By doing this, when you buy the Palace you are given...
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    Fifa '96

    CheatsGo to exit game and then type "X PLAY"You'll hear a sound and then commentary you've never heard before it takes you to where you pick your friendly teams and you have a whole new category. Go to friendly game and when it comes up to choose your teams put player one on Canada and the...
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