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  1. F

    Favorite game that does NOT have the number 64 in the title

    Probably The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  2. C

    You're Favorite Dreamcast Video

    Hey guys Dan here I was just going thru my favorite's on youtube and was thinking whats the bast DC video, I have lots of video's saved but the one for me is by Brycecorp3 See DREAMCAST MASTER COLLECTION by Brycecorp3 - YouTube Whats you're favorite Love Dan
  3. C

    Favorite LE Dreamcast?

    What is your favorite limited edition Dreamcast? I love the silver one pictured below. I'd have one if it wasn't almost $1,000.
  4. C

    Favorite Shmups list! (In order!!)

    There are certain Shmups on the DC that get a lot of attention and some for very good reason. I wanted to see what people ranked as their favorite shmups so I'm going to do a quick list of my favorites from favorite (1.) to least favorite and give a short description of why I thought certain...
  5. C


    Ok your on an Island. It has power, food, and shelter. You have to pick one of the following for each. One DC edition (reg, sports, or other le): One DC game: One DC Accessories: One DC Controller color: One VMU color: One person to play the listed above with:
  6. C

    ITT:Post your favorite dreamcast game

    So we all love the dreamcast and we all probably have our own favorite games? My favorite dreamcast game is Sonic Adventure 2 I really love platformers and sonic and 3D games Really great platformer, if you don't have it, I would highly recommend picking it up
  7. C

    Rank your favorite Sega system

    Ultra and others, how would you rate the Sega systems ? I would go : 1) Sega Genesis Model 1 (Revisions VA3 to VA6 sound best) + Sega CD Model 1 + 32 X Revision 2 and other variations (CDX, X Eye, Homemade Neptunes, Nomad etc). Just so you guys know once my Genesis Model 1, 32x, Sega CD and...
  8. C

    Favorite Dreamcast Accessory?

    The Dreamcast had a ton of accessories made for it which is one reason I think it is such an awesome console. I wanted to know what everyone's favorite accessory is (except for VGA adapter 'cause that's obvious). I nominate the Agetec Arcade Stick. I was really into arcades when the Dreamcast...
  9. C

    One of my favorite DC easter eggs

    Is when you play a DC game in the music section as a CD, and you hear the "This disc is for use only on Sega Dreamcast", but you can tell the European games, because the voices are in different languages and the English one is a British lady instead of an American one. It's weird, but I just...
  10. C

    What Is Your Favorite PSO Character and Why?

    Hey everyone just started playing PSO. Picked an HUmar since I like being up close and personally with enemies. Killing them with cool elegant combos are great. So far I'm level 8 and just started going into cave 1. While in there, it got me wondering. What is your favorite PSO character and...
  11. C

    Post Mortem dreamcast favorite games?

    I have always been curious about what games people play now that they didn't play when the dc was relevant. Or maybe what games do you love now but you just wouldn't have picked up back then? For me when the system was new I wanted sonic adventure, army men,and all things star wars, and of...
  12. I

    My favorite game on network

    My most favorite game has been Counter-Strike. Does anyone here know about any such game which is similar to it and easy to play on the network and on PSP?
  13. I

    What is your all time favorite game any why?

    Well! it is difficult to decide. It is not easy to compare games from different genres but the most fun I've had was probably while playing RPGs. I'd say the best RPG overall was Planescape Torment, it had the best atmosphere, dialogue and humor of any game I ever played. What are your favorite?
  14. I

    Who is your favorite Super Smash Bros Brawl Character?

    Here is the list choose who is your favorite...!! 1. Diddy Kong (from Donkey Kong Country) 2. Ike (from Fire Emblem) 3. King Dedede (from Kirby) 4. Lucario (from Pokemon) 5. Lucas (from Mother 3/EarthBound 2) 6. Meta Knight (from Kirby) 7. Pikmin & Olimar 8. Pit (from Kid Icarus) 9. Pokemon...
  15. F

    F-Zero, Favorite Tracks

    Silence was great, and so was Big Blue and Sand Ocean, but my favorite was Port Town II.
  16. F

    F-Zero, Favorite Car

    For me it's the Fire Stingray. Handles like a dream, and its also the fastest.
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