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    Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force

    All event CGYou need to synthesize Visual Box in order to see the event gallery. Check play data to see how many playthrogh you have, one your sixth playthrogh you'll unlock the full gallery.
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    Fairy Tail Guild 2 [NPJH-50411]

    Should be ok with PSP3004 on CFW 5.03prome4 _S NPJH-50411 _G FAIRY TAIL Guild 2 _C0 Money max _L 0x20507954 0x05F5E0FF _C0 Use Item & Material All x 85 - Box's Item _L 0x805076E8 0x011F001 _L 0x00000055 0x0000000 _C0 Use Item x 1 - Hand's Item _L 0x805076AC 0x0018001 _L 0x00000001 0x0000000
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    Fairy Jewels 2

    Easy completionIf you are running out of time simply restart the level. There is no penalty to do so, and you will learn where the harder areas to clear are going to be found. You can skip a level in exchange for one life if it proves to be too difficult.
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    Fairy Tail Zelef Kakusei [JPN][NPJH-50486] CWCheats

    _S NPJH-50486 _G Fairy Tail Zelef Kakusei _C0 999999 Money _L 0x20672680 0x000F423F _C0 Infinite Health _L 0x2066D4CC 0x000003E7 _C0 Infinite Magic _L 0x2066D4D0 0x000003E7 _C1 KazuXcution
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    Fairy Tail Portable Guild [JAP][ULJM-05608] CWCheats

    _S ULJM-05608 _G Fairy Tail - Portable Union JAP _C0 Money Max _L 0x20488FE0 0x05F5E0FF _C0 999,999 J _L 0x20488FE0 0x000F423F _C0 Inf MP _L 0x0048653C 0x00000064 _C0 Inf HP _L 0x0048653A 0x00000064 _C0 physical (current . battle) Max _L 0x5048668C 0x00000002 _L 0x0048664C 0x00000000 _L...
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    Fairy tail portable guild [jap] [uljm-05608]

    _S ULJM-05608 _G FAIRY TAIL PORTABLE GUILD[JAP] _C0 Inf. Money _L 0x20488FE0 0x05F5E100 _C0 LVL 99[All IN PARTY] _L 0x20441B50 0x00989680 _L 0x2161B338 0x00989680 _C0 By Baldassano
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    Original Story from Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou

    Tested & Working For All Modes On DeSmuME Infinite Health 221EB34A 00000012 P2 & P3 & P4 No Health (1 Hit Kill) 221EB626 00000000 221EB902 00000000 221EBBDE 00000000 Infinite Special (U Still Can Do {X Button} Special Without needed for the Red Bar) 621EB350 00000000 B21EB350 00000000...
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