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    Construction Simulator - Liebherr Pack | PS5

    Construction Simulator - Liebherr Pack | PS5
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    Remnant II - The Forgotten Kingdom DLC Release Date Trailer

    Remnant II - The Forgotten Kingdom DLC Release Date Trailer
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    Update on my console expansion unit; wireless keyboard mouse

    Tested and confirmed* *on my system, which has had the controller port resistors removed & their connections bridged. Pictured is a wireless IR keyboard with a built in trackball & 2 button mouse, that has a pair of old (pre-usb) ps/2 plugs. When using that with the two "Total Control 5"...
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    Diablo 2 Expansion: Lord of Destruction

    1.10 Cache framerate info In 1.10, to view the framerate, cache, and memory information, input ''/framerate''. It shows the same stuff as typing ''/fps'', but also shows cache figures and memory figures. 1.10 FPS View and Player Count In 1.10, to view FPS rate you have to press ''/fps''...
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    new DOW2 expansion? retribution general thread

    Bullet points are the win: A new PLAYABLE faction, supposedly the Imperial Guard after a few "sightings" in screen shots. A 15 mission campaign for tyranids, orks, eldar, and most likely the new faction. does not use GFWL, uses pure steamworks Is a standalone expansion not compatible with the...
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    Chaos Rising expansion for Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 2

    Will you get this expansion? I plan on getting it as it costs $30 on steam. I definitely enjoyed the DoW II much more than DoW I series anyways. Hopefully the co-op campaigns won't be limited to inviting only friends but actually incorporating a find group function just like they do it for...
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