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    PSPX Downgrader v.4.1

    can anyone please help me work this. i followed the instructions here but when i try to run it it says "the data is corrupted IDXFFFFFFFF". can anyone tell me whats going on or give tell me how to do it perhaps with your own...
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    cannot run 6.60 downgrader

    i have a 6.60 ofw installed, i will downgrade it to 6.20 by using the downgrader available. I run the downgrader, and pressed X to start the process, the screen showed "OK, good for launch" ... but the psp will turn black and hang, then shut off. :( I cannot run the downgrader. Please help...
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    Chronoswitch Downgrader - 6.20 PRO B9 - No PSN??

    Hi, I just downloaded and used the awesome Chronoswitch downgrader to get my 09g to 6.20. I then installed PRO B9, perma-patched it, and now PSN won't work. It says "connection error occured 20000006". Is that the fault of The downgrader or PRO? Please let me know. Thanks! :mrgreen:
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    PSP GO ERRORwhen running davees downgrader

    Hi I basically copied the 6.3x downgrader to PSP/GAME/ copied the 6.20 PSP go firmware into PSP/GAME/UPDATE as EBOOT.PBP Basically everytime i try to run the downgrader it enters and then 5s later it says error on the sce updater Im running this from a m2 512mb/4gb sandisk (original) memory...
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