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    Star Wars: R2-D2 Beneath The Dome

    Bonus Photo MontageAt the [Main Menu], highlight "Play All", press the [Right] arrow and R2-D2's eye will light up. Select [Enter] and you will be treated to a photo montage of R2-D2 through the years including footage from the infamous bungee-jump with the special effects crew.
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    Central Dome Fire Swirl

    I'm trying to get the Mark 3 Mag, and this is the quest that gives it to you, but from what I have read online, it is Sega downloadable content, is there anyway to do it?
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    Death Dome

    Daily BonusRemember to return each day for your daily bonus of free loot which could be Skulls, an Armor Bonus, Damage Bonus, Critical Bonus or if you are lucky free Diamonds.
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