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    having problems w/ discjuggler free trial

    My alcohol120% trial is up after the 40 days..... so is my winRAR. But winrar seems to still be working. I could never figure out iso's to burn but I never had a problem with .cdi's with alcohol. I'm trying to burn nester with discjuggler .cdi ... I watched 2 youtube videos on how. With the set...
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    Best Place To Download Discjuggler

    Just like the thread says I'm looking for the best place to download Discjuggler. I did have Alcohol 120% and now the demo I have ran out.
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    Can't find the Discjuggler trial... plus help burning.

    So, the other day I tried to burn a copy of Dream Explorer and Codebreaker using Cyber Link Burning Gadget on Windows 8. This did not work. The Dreamcast read the CDs, but as unusable audio CDs. So, I'm thinking I'd be better off using DiscJuggler. I can not for the life of me find the demo...
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