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    Afterfall: InSanity - Dirty Arena Edition

    Various Steam Achievements Achievement How to unlock First Boss Defeated Defeat first boss. First Encounter Finished Finish first encounter. Second Encounter Finished Finish second encounter. Third Encounter Finished Finish third encounter.
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    3 Dirty Dwarfs

    Play all levels To activate this cheat you must go to the Windows directory and edit the DWARVES.INI file. Look for a line that has Password= in it. Changewhatever is after the = to AAAAAAAA (Password=AAAAAAAA). Save the file then start the game.
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    Dirty Harry: The War Against Drugs game genie codes (for NES)

    Dirty Harry: The War Against Drugs SXUKOKVK Infinite lives PANSGIIA 1 life ZANSGIIE 10 lives GXXGXGST Infinite energy AEVLIPZA Maximum energy from Chili Dogs ZESSTSPO + ZEVIZSPO Only 10 Magnum Bullets allowed ZUSSTSPP +...
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    Dirty Harry: The War Against Drugs cheat codes (for NES)

    Communicating with San Francisco's street people To communicate with San Francisco's street people, Harry has to ... well ... make a fool of himself. Walk up to the person with whom you need to do a little business, then repeatedly jump up and down.
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