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    [Request] World Derby (Japan) (Game Gear) - Master Code (Disable Red Screen)

    Master Code Disable Red Screen
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    [Request] World Derby (Japan) (Game Gear) Master Code

    Master Code, Disable red screen
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    Best Keiba Derby Stallion

    Sound TestAt the title screen, hold Right on controller 2 and press Start on controller 1.
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    destruction Derby 2 psx?

    hello just looking for some help I'm running hen 5.50 on my psp also running pops ive done all this for one game destruction Derby 2. but i can't get it to run, it loads fine but when yet go to race it freezes allot and the graphics always go funny?? was just wondering if anyone else would mind...
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    Destruction derby

    DESTRUCTION DERBY INSTRUCTION MANUAL * How Do You Steer These Hogs? Accelerate - X Reverse/Brake - Square/Triangle Directional Controls - Move car left & right Start Button - Pause game L1 & R1 - So you'v just been 360'd you're moving the wrong...
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