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    Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

    Boss Medley in Boss Battle Ring Defeat each of the nine bosses in the Boss Battle Ring to unlock the Boss Medley. This is a fight against all the previous Bosses in the Boss Battle Ring with a secret final Boss at the end.
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    Magic Hammer

    Level up glitch In this glitch, you will easily be able to defeat boneyards enemy's before the boss battle with the help of levelling up. This is especially good early game, when you level up quite fast. STEP 1: fight enemy's until close to levelling up. Then travel to a incomplete data...
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    Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

    Alternate Stage 5 Defeat Death in Stage 5, then go to Alternate Stage 4 and defeat Camilla.
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    Pokemon Puzzle Challenge

    Bellossom On normal level or higher, before fighting Clair, defeat your opponent in less than 25 seconds to face Lass. Defeat her and you'll get Bellossom.
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    Street Fighter Alpha

    Dancing Sagat 1. Select Charlie. 2. Begin a game and intentionally loose the match. 3. Choose "Continue" at the continue screen. 4. Defeat the character and loose to the next opponent. 5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have been defeated by all of the game’s characters. 6. After losing to...
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    Toy Story 2

    Defeat The Prospector Keep your distance. And when the Prospector is barely on screen, kneel down and fire. Eventually, he will run out of the room.
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    Under Defeat (JAP)

    [h=3]Under Defeat (JAP)[/HEADING] Unlimited credits 0016E3C0 00000009 Unlimited lives 0016F24D 00000005 Unlimited bombs 0016F24E 00000003 Play time / Free play / game secrets unlocked 0116E744 0000FFFF
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    Under Defeat HD - Deluxe Edition

    Under Defeat HD - Deluxe Edition PSN: NPUB31062 Hacked by SHAkA net cheat codes Bomb 0 004107D5 04 Life 0 004107CE 06 unlimied bombs SET OGP=38800090987F0015 SET COP=3880009060000000 unlimited life SET OGP=30C6FFFF98C5000E SET COP=30C6FFFF60000000
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    Under Defeat Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

    Gallery Unlockables In order to get 2-1 Mode, you'll have to beat the game in regular mode. Then all you have to do is conquer it again, only this time on 2-1 Mode.
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