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    Are These Good Deals?

    I've decided to make a separate thread for this, I was asking in the Dreamcast finds thread but I didn't receive many or any reply's for some of them. I'll start: Unreal Tournament With Case, Manual, Disc, and Artwork - $7.50 Quake III Arena With Case, Manual, Disc, and Artwork - $7.50...
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    Crazy Shenmue Deals on Amazon!

    So I was browsing Amazon(.ca) for Dreamcast games one day, and I eventually found a used Shenmue game for only $34.99! In case you're wondering, it is used, but complete. And especially since other sites have it for a ridiculously high price, this is your chance to find a rather cheap one. I...
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    Dreamcast / Classic Gaming Black Friday Deals?

    Know of any good Black Friday bargains for Dreamcast or other classic gaming consoles/games?
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    Nintendo 'should not battle Microsoft on third-party exclusive deals'

    But Iwata claims the Wii U will feature a wide range of third-party games. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has claimed that using money to secure third-party exclusives wouldn't be an appropriate course of action, particularly because it would mean going head-to-head with the likes of...
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