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    Hidden Gag ReelOn disc 2, go to [Movie Extras] and press [Enter] on the first extra. Highlight the [Enhanced Viewing Mode] option and press [Left]. Sai's will appear on the screen. Press [Enter] for a hidden gag reel.
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    Daredevil Vs. Spiderman

    Bonus Stan Lee InterviewsGo to [Set Up] and when the [Spoken Languages] is highlighted, press [Right and a white target will appear. Press [Enter] and Stan Lee will talk about his famous sayings. Go to [Spoken Languages] and select it. When you are there, highlight [Setup] at the bottom...
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    Daredevil (USA, Europe)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top All DD Secrets Found MadCatz 59FF9608891A CDBB94288C5A 4DFF94088D5A F2A8EAA5882F 72ECEA85892F E6A8E8A58C6F 66ECE8858D6F F1A8BAA5882B 71ECBA85892B E5A8B8A58C6B 65ECB8858D6B F2AAE621882F 72EEE601892F E6AAE4218C6F 66EEE4018D6F F1AAB621882B 71EEB601892B...
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    Daredevil Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    All secrets Enter "41TK1S6ZNGV" as a password. Bullseye Bio Get 75,000 points to get a Bullseye Bio. Bullseye Movie Shot Collect all DD tokens from construction site level to get a Bullseye Movie Shot. Daredevil Bio Get 25,000 points to get a Daredevil Bio. Daredevil Ending Montage...
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