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    Crush! | iPad Pro

    Crush! | iPad Pro
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    WWE Crush Hour

    1 [M] CH1U-HAR8-01K70 8JP7-MGQ4-3YP5V Player 1 Codes 2 Infinite Health 7UAG-04JN-AM9C8 DZAB-DDDU-RB5A9 3 Infinite Turbo FMYX-PKM5-Y7NVY VV44-VYF3-33NPV Player 2 Codes 4 Infinite Health 41AQ-0J7X-N956X 77KE-7EJ9-HDKHR 5 Infinite Turbo GPRP-RB99-HDA4X ZGBJ-4NZF-ZN6QC
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    Alien Crush Cheat Codes (for Turbografx)

    Bonus ball Reach the bonus round with skulls and green aliens. Kill all the green aliens, but leave one skull. Keep the ball moving without hitting the skull for approximately twenty seconds. Hit the pterodactyl that appears to collect one million points and an extra ball when the board is...
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    Devil's Crush Cheat Codes (for Turbografx)

    100,000,000 points Get the face to the last stage with your bonus tip points between 60 and 69, and have the bonus multiplier at 9. | [Sent by Neto] 2,000,000 points Send the ball into the crown without touching the slime roulette when putting it into play. | [Sent by Neto] Blue ball...
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    WWE Crush Hour

    Bradshaw Successfully complete season mode as Brock Lesnar to unlock Bradshaw in season mode. Christian Successfully complete season mode as Chris Jerhico to unlock Christian in season mode. Demolition Derby mode Win a match without firing any weapons. D-Von Dudley Successfully...
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    Alien Crush Returns

    Bonus rounds Complete the indicated task to get to the bonus round on the indicated stage. Stage 1: Get all the orange pellets at the top. A round circle below them will light up. Get the pinball on the circle before the lights disappear. Stage 2: There are three worm aliens on the left...
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    Alien Crush

    1 Million Points + Bonus Ball Get to the bonus round with skulls and green aliens. Kill everything except for one skull. Keep going until a pteradactyl appears. Hit the pteradactyl with the ball to get a million points and a bonus ball once the stage is cleared.
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