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    Palworld Server Admin Commands

    Here are some Palworld Server Admin Commands you can use: Server Information and Control: /Info - Displays information about the server, like its name and Palworld version. /Save - Saves the world data associated with the server. /DoExit - Immediately shuts down the server (use with caution!)...
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    It Can Understand My Voice!

    It Can Understand My Voice! View:
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    The New Lethal Company Update is Out of Control

    The New Lethal Company Update is Out of Control View:
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    I Snuck Onto YouTube Kids...

    I Snuck Onto YouTube Kids... View:
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    Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

    Boss Rush After you've unlocked Nightmare Mode and Ultimate Mode, you'll automatically gain access to the Boss Rush, which gives you control of all four party members and a selection of their subweapons. Note that you can only equip one subweapon per character per fight, and Zangetsu doesn't...
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    Samsung Tizen OS: Upscale Your Entertainment

    Samsung Tizen OS: Upscale Your Entertainment View:
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    Witch & Hero

    Control Final Boss's Attacks In the final stage, the final boss's aim can be controlled by using the shoulder buttons.
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    Control: Infinite Ammo & Infinite Health

    Infinite Ammo using direct manipulation and finding Infinite Health using our enemies health. Part 1
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    Bloodborne Mod That Lets You Control Enemies
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    Alexa for hotels lets guests order room service, control in-room smart devices

    Enlarge (credit: Amazon) Hotel rooms will serve as the newest homes for Amazon's Alexa starting this summer. Amazon announced a special version of its virtual assistant, Alexa for Hospitality, that will live across Echo devices placed in hotels, vacation rentals, and other similar locations...
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    Total Control Magazine

    If you're a gamer of a certain age in the UK, you'll probably remember short-lived magazine Total Control. It had a lot of Dreamcast content as it ran from Nov 98 to Sep 99. Here's a look at the first 5 issues: The Dreamcast Junkyard: Total Control: Issues 1 to 5
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    Baja: Edge of Control

    AchievementsComplete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points. Achievement How to unlock 4X4 Class Experience Level ( 15 points ) Earn enough experience points to unlock the 4X4 race leagues. Baja 250 ( 20 points ) Complete any Baja 250 race. Baja 500 ( 30...
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    Criterion in control of entire Need for Speed franchise

    Burnout developer takes the reins on all future NFS games. Various developers have got their hands dirty with the Need For Speed franchise in recent years with mixed results, but from now on the franchise will be in the talented hands of Burnout developer Criterion. Click here to read the full...
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    PS3 Controller to control a PSP

    I have a PSP 3000 running 6.35 PRO. I was wondering if it is possible to do this: I have looked all over but couldnt find a tutorial. Was wondering if someone could link a tut is there is one or explain how to do this if there isnt. Plz and thank you.
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    Wolfenstein 3d control change

    Is it possible to change the default controls of Wolfenstein 3D 6.0?
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    XMB Control v1.2 question

    Ok so I'm using XMB Control v1.2 for the first time on PRO but how do I stop the VSH Menu from coming up when I press Select? Id like to free up my Select button.
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    Wireless DualShock 3 Control Pad for PlayStation 3 PS3

    Highlights Enhance your PlayStation PS3 experience with this wireless DualShock 3 control pad To be used with Sony PS3 console Plug in and play Specification Dimensions: 6.1 in x 3.94 in x 1.77 in Weight: 5.36 oz please click here to know...
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    Datel's TiltFX Motion Control Adapter for the PSP 1,2,3k

    Click here for the link. Sounds pretty cool to me... Not too sure how many games this will apply to but the trailer shows quite a few interesting ones. What do yall think? The price looks pretty low, though I know that's not USD... Edit: one website has its MSRP as £14.99 or $19.99 USD
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    Can I control my ps2 using my PSP 1000 IR port?

    I know it wouldn't really work all that well due to lack of dual sticks but I'm not exactly able to buy a real ps2 controller atm... Is there anyway to control the ps2 using my psp via some sort of hack... like the IR port or something? I know it can control TV... what about ps2?
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    PSP remote control

    I have a PSP-1000 and I'm trying to turn it into a remote control for my tv. I saw several guides on how to turn your PSP into a remote control but I cannot tell which is the most up-to-date and best option. What is everybody's opinion?
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