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    Bucky Ohare (for NES)

    Bucky Ohare AAELXYZA Start with 1 life IAELXYZA Start with 6 lives PAELXYZE Start with 10 lives AEXGVYZA 1 life after continue IEXGVYZA 6 lives after continue PEXGVYZE 10 lives after continue SZVKOTVG Infinite...
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    Bucky O Hare cheat codes (for NES)

    Passwords 5NJZJ Blinky comes back M7K2J Deadeye is saved 68L!3 Jenny Joins in MRX24 Captured again M!L2X Magna Tanker MRW(upside down triangle)L Salavge Chute MRM(upside down triangle)X Escape
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