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    Bio Freaks

    Alternate view Hold Left and press Start during game play. Hold Down and press Start to return to the default view. Dirty fighting Pause game play during a match, and disable shields. Resume game play and hold A while attacking. Taunt opponent Press C-Left + C-Right during a match. View...
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    Bio Motor Unitron Cheat Codes for (Neo Geo Pocket)

    Arm development corporation Use this trick to level up your engineer while also creating new and better arms while gaining a profit. At the beginning of the game, use the free stuff to upgrade your extra arm. Go to the shop and sell it. Buy another of the same arm and do it again. By the...
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    Bio FREAKS

    D0155400 00xx Joker 1 Command P1 + P2 xx= 04 R Button 08 L Button D0155401 00xx Joker 2 Command P1 + P2 xx= 10 C Down Button 20 C Right Button 40 B Button D0155402 00xx Joker 3 Command P1 + P2 xx= 01 Up Direction 02 Down Direction 04 Left...
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