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    sharing files via adhoc

    Is their any app which allows PSP on CFW to share files like mp3 via adhoc mod with another PSP
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    adhoc file tranfer 0.7

    sending A.F.T trough game sharing don't work --_-- but it says complete but i cant see it under the games categories well im using psp 1000 and trying to sendi to my friend and hes using psp 2k and also 5.50 =)
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    Adhoc unable to connect to game room.

    First of all my psp is 1000 with CTF 5.50 GenD3 promethuis 4. My psp couldn't connect to my wifi but I could play adhoc games so I flashed a new NAND and got a brick, fixed it using Pandora and now I can connect to the internet but can't play adhoc games.
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    Adhoc for ISOs?

    If I have 2 PSPs same model, same CFW, same ISO game running, will they be able to Adhoc to each other? That is, if we both have the same ISO of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, will we be able to play together? Or is that somehow restricted to UMDs?
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    Dgen Lite Adhoc

    How do you get Dgen Lite to enable adhoc mode? I saw the Comm Mode option that either says Disable, 1P (adhoc), or 2P (adhoc). But I cant figure out how to get it to connect. Or does the LITE version even support adhoc? NVM, I just decided to install time machine and use the older version.
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