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    3001 v5.03 to 6.20 permanent patch?

    can anyone direct me to the thread for this since i cant find it and i got a slow connection tnx
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    PSP 3001 Any Perma Mods?

    Guy's I'm sorry for asking this question has probably been asked billions of times and I can see how this can get annoying, but I just bought a PSP 3001 and its on firmware 5.02. My 2001 is on 5.50 Prome-4. My question is if I upgrade my 3001 to that will it brick it?
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    PSP Slim 3001 OFW 6.37 HELP!!!!!

    Ok, I have a Psp 3001 slim wit 6.37 OFW and i want to hack it....me and my friend hacked his 2000 and i want to hack mine....is there anything i can do so that i can install custom firmware onto it???? Please help thx
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    Help with a new 3001 psp

    Hi guys. I'm new in here and first of all I'd like to congrats you all for having this great community. Let me see if someone here can clear my doubts. I'm thinking on buying a psp. I'm considering the 3001 littlebigplanet bundle. My question is if there is a chance of this model to come with an...
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    PSP 3001 ofw 6.37

    Well I thought I'd start this out with the dilemma of my son's psp model 3001, now updated to 6.37. A total bummer when it comes to exploits or hacks. I read somewhere that a downgrade would be out 1/31, but we'll see about that
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    PSP 3001 on FW 6.20

    Hi folks, I need your help please. I have a PSP 3001 on FW 6.20 that I need to hack so I can play ISOs on it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance !
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    Cannot Downgrade PSP 3001 OFW 6.35

    I have a PSP 3001 it had 6.20, but somehow it was updated to 6.30 without my knowing. Since then I update it with 6.35 in hopes to downgrade it to 6.20, but it does not work. I've used the Downgrader 3.1 and 4.1, both do not work. On 3.1 it stops at the "Please wait..." and then shuts off 10...
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    psp 3001

    Hi got this black psp 3001 with sw version 5.03 gen c,need Prometheus for playing such fifa 11,what help please?thanks
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    PSP 3001 Firmware 6.0

    After saving money i bought used PSP i want to play iso games and cso games in this please help me. I am new to this stuff. Model - PSP 3001 Firmware - 6.0 Is this Hackable? Please help me with the procedure. I thinks this is the right place to post. if not please gimme location. Thank...
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    A problem.. PSP 3001 running ChickHEN 6.20 constantly freezing/shutting off.

    Hi there. I recently hacked my PSP 3001 so I could play some games I couldn't otherwise afford. >>; Everything has been fine up until a few minutes ago; I went to take my PSP off sleep mode, but I saw that it had been shut down instead. I didn't really take note of it, since it had done it once...
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    Time to update my PSP 3001?

    I have a PSP 3001 that runs OFW 5.03. I run CFW ChickHen R2 and Custom Firmware Enabler 3.60 (Xenogears and Becus25). I haven't used the PSP in a while and wondering if I can update it to a newer CFW (so I can play newer games). I don't know which motherboard I have. Thanks.
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    RemoteJoy PSP 3001 Problem

    Ok I have got RJ to work on multiple PCs but now it doesn't work. The drivers wont install because it doesnt say my PSP is a "PSP Type B" it says "SONY "PSP" MS USB Device". Does anyone know how to fix this and make it say PSP Type B?? (I also disable the Driver Enforcement with F8)
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    Psp 3001

    Hi, Mods and members.I've been away from the game for awhile. I currently have a PSP 3001 with factory firmware 6.37. I have installed CFW on phats and slims using a pandora battery and MMS in the past. I haven't done a 3001 yet. I need to know what process to use to install CFM and also what is...
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    psp 3001 help

    i am planning to buy a modded psp, and i saw a psp 3001 with 3.65 cfw. i was wondering is a modded psp 3001 more prone to be bricked, and if the 3001 with 3.65 reliable to download and play games from memory card.
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    how do i half hack psp 3001

    ok here the problem i know that there is no complete hack of psp v 3001 but i know there is a half or soft hack the psp is 4g v 3001can some one post me an answer to my question thanks ps its a friends psp
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    Help with PSP 3001

    Hello, I am a total blonde/n00b/whatever when it comes to this; I apologize in advance. :/ I have a copy of an .ISO game I want to play on my PSP 3001. I've been looking through all the downloads and going through search boxes on the forum, but still can't find what I need. I made a folder in...
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