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    Hacking a 1003 with 5.5 original firmware

    I have downloaded Hellcat recovery flasher as instructed, it appears in the menu but as soon as I press X it says "the game cannot be started. The data is corrupt". What am I doing wrong? I upgraded to 5.5 accidentally, all I want to do is play films - I use Xillisoft to convert films to PSP...
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    6.35 onto 1003

    Hello, still new to all this. I recently put 6.35 prohen onto my sons 3003 psp. All works fine so somebody asked me to the same cfw onto a psp1003 but i am unable to find the update folder in the game file on this model. There is no chance to run the update folder. Thanks for any help.
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    PSP 1003 with 5.50 Gen-D , need help !?

    hi guys , so i have a 1003 fat psp that didnt use for so long , i just realized that GOW and Patapon 3 is out so i wanted to upgrade my system so i succesfully got it up to 5.50 Gen-D and tried iso tool 1.971 but still no succes , what am i supposed to do to be able to play Gow Ghost of Sparta...
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    can u put cfw on psp 1003 with 2.6 ofw?

    as i lost on the bid for the other one, is this a good buy in yr opinion to put cfw on it? its going for £45 pounds didnt knw there was a 2.6 ofw but thats wat the guy is saying
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    psp 1003 , 3.03 hack to latest version

    Hello Everyone, I have PSP-1003 series with version 3.03 official firmware. I want to upgrade and hack to latest version so that I can play downloaded games and latest umd's. Please help me or provide me the link if this exists on this forum. Much appreciated :) thanks.
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    Psp 1003 fat problem help

    Hi, the problem with my psp is that when i put the changer on it blinks orange once then nothing else happens. When the changer is plugged in and i go to the battery setting it say's external. but does not charge it. Plus the original changer does not work at all the one that i got from my...
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