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    Need help modding my PSP 1002

    Hey guys i recently bought a psp 1002 and forthe last 2 days ive been reading up on how to hack it. I have been unsuccesful but i have got hbl on my psp with a couple of homebrew. the trouble with my psp is its updated to 6.37. i have tried running hellcats signed pandora installer to try and...
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    PSP 1002, Firmware 6.38

    Currently there doesn't appear to be much information on 6.38, and I'm curious if I can either install custom firmware without creating / using a pandora battery, or downgrading to a older firmware capable of installing custom firmware without use of a pandora battery. ~Thanks
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    psp 1002 Version 6.37 How To Play Downloaded Game ?

    new to psp and this site so if i have posted in the wrong place please movie i downloaded some demos and copy them to the sd card E://PSP/GAMES/ says there are no games on the psp then i tried E:/GAMES/ same thing i read around i need a custom Firmware but i have no idea how to go about...
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    Need help hacking a PSP 1002

    Can someone link me to a direct thread or teach me how to hack my PSP 1002? <3
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