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Various Achievements​

AchievementHow to unlock
Ace AceAce 10 levels in Challenge Mode.
AstronautPlay all Astro levels.
Blitz MasterUse all Powers in levels.
Boss BusterBeat all bosses in Boss battles.
Brave of Tiki IslandBeat Adventure Mode.
Chain StarGet a 30-ball chain.
Challenge MasterBeat all challenges.
ChallengerPlay US mode once.
Combo HeroGet 5 combos in one game.
Frog LordClear Iron Frog one time.
Fruit ManiaCollect 300 fruits.
Hall of FameComplete Adventure mode without losing a life.
MastershipFill out the whole Tiki Temple.
Perfect AttendanceFill out the Daily Dungeon Calendar.
Top ScorerGet a 500,000 high score.
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