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Extra defense and/or offense
When you get to a certain part in the game after the Wind Ruins, a man named Gustaf will enter Hyrule Town. At the bottom of the map, there is a house with a blue roof. This is where Gustaf will be found. He will be standing in front of the door and will say something about renting his house. After talking to him, go to the Inn on the right that just opened after the Wind Ruins. In the back will be three girls, Farore, Din, and Naryu. Talk to one of them and they will say "Do you have a house you want me to rent?" or something similar. After you talked to one of them, they will live in that house for the rest of the game. After this is done, go to the top left part of Hyrule Town. Directly below the post office will be Gustaf again. He will say "Maybe I'll build a house here...". Go to the right of the post office (on the very top left of map). There will be a carpenter standing there. He will say "Geez, I wish the boss would feel better". Give him a Kinstone and a short intermission sequence will start, featuring the carpenter saying "Wow I feel so good. I could build a house". After a few minutes, the house will be built. To the right of the post office is a bridge. Once again, Gustaf can be found sitting there. He will say " I could build a house here if only I could get rid of these cats…".
RE: Zelda: The Minish Cap

Easy Rupees
Dig right to the left of the door to Link's house to discover 20 Rupees. Enter Link's house, then go back out. The 20 Rupees will be there again. Do this as many times as desired.
RE: Zelda: The Minish Cap

Red Potion
Go to South Hyrule Field on the bottom left side. Equip your sword and the Pegasus Boots. Run into the sparkling bush and it will turn into a stump. You must have learned the dash attack from Swiftblade to do this. Become small and go into the Minish house. Fuse Kinstones with the Minish there. Visit Syrup the witch in the Minish Woods. She will now stock Red Potions for 150 rupees. This will replenish all of you hearts.
RE: Zelda: The Minish Cap

Mysterious Shells
When trying to collect the figurines, you need Mysterious Shells. The easiest way to get these is to go to Trilby Highlands. Chop down all the grass and smash all the rocks. This is also a good way to find rupees. You can usually find ten shells at a time. Note: Before you can do this trick, you must have given the Minish in the top-right corner of the barrel in the Minish village doing experiments everything that he asks for. You must also know the Great Spin attack and have lengthened it, and have 600 Rupees. Go to Beedle (the person selling things in bottles) and buy both the Yellow and Green Picolyte. Go the shop and buy 30 shells for 200 Rupees. Then, go out the top-right town exit. In Trilby Highlands, go to the grassiest area, directly above the tree-hut. Drink the Green Picolyte and spin all over, getting as many shells as possible. When it wears out, exit the screen, then return to the same area. Next, drink the Yellow Picolyte. If you are fast enough, you can get more Rupees than you started with. Do this as many times as desired.
RE: Zelda: The Minish Cap

Anju's Cucoo game
If you are struggling when playing the Cucoo game with Anju, pick up a Cucoo and look at the direction that it is facing. Throw in the direction of Anju then use your Pegasus Boots and chase the Cucoo. Then, throw it in the pen. This earn you the heart piece easily.
RE: Zelda: The Minish Cap

Roll through enemies
You can roll right through enemies. This is useful when one is coming at you and you have nowhere to run.
RE: Zelda: The Minish Cap

Book falls early
When returning the library books and you go to the scholar's house, talk to him then leave. Go back in and talk to him. He will say a book had fallen, but you have not made it fall yet.
RE: Zelda: The Minish Cap

Triforce reference
The three girls Farore, Din, and Naryu have the same names as the goddesses who created the Triforce.
RE: Zelda: The Minish Cap

Defeating Red Knuts
Once you have the Remote Bombs, place one in front of you and move away once the Red Knut moves near to it detonate it. The Red Knut will be stunned for a few moments. You can hit them with your sword. Continue this until they are defeated.
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