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Deck recipe and deck edit option​

Beating a character's story mode would unlock their deck recipes and deck edit option in the free duel mode.

DeckHow to unlock
Alito's deck recipeBeat Alito's story.
Astral's deck recipeBeat Astral's story.
Deck recipe and deck edit for other charactersBeat Konami-kun's story.
Dr. Faker's deck recipeBeat Dr. Faker's story.
Kite's deck recipeBeat Kite's story.
Quattro's deck recipeBeat Quattro's story.
Shark's deck recipeBeat Shark's story.
Tori's deck recipeBeat Tori's story.
Trey's deck recipeBeat Trey's story.
Vetrix's deck recipeBeat Vetrix's story.
Yuma's deck recipeBeat Yuma's story.
Zexal's deck recipeBeat Zexal's story.

Story Mode - Characters​

To unlock various characters story modes within the game you must first clear at least on other characters Story Mode first.

UnlockableHow to unlock
AlitoClear Astral's story mode.
AstralClear Yuma's story mode.
Dr. FakerClear any characters story once.
Konami Kun (The Player Character)Clear ZEXALs story mode.
QuattroClear Shark's story mode.
Tori MedowsClear any characters story once.
TreyClear Yuma's story mode.
VetrixClear any characters story once.
ZexalClear Astral's story mode.
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