Xenogears [Disc1of2] (NTSC-J)

GameShark & Pro Action Replay Codes for the PS1 aka the PSX.

final kaoss

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TopAccurate and Avoidnesslowaiyin8006CF8A FFFF
TopAttack And Defenselowaiyin8006CF88 FFFF
TopCurrent HPlowaiyin8006CF7C FFFF
TopCurrent MPlowaiyin8006CF80 FFFF
TopEquipment Modifierlowaiyin8006CFA4 XXYY
TopFast Learn Continue Attacklowaiyin8006CFC0 FFFF
TopLevel 255lowaiyin8006CF92 00FF
TopLevel Up Every Battlelowaiyin8006CF74 0000
8006CF76 0000
TopMagic And Magic Defenselowaiyin8006CF8E FFFF
TopMax Ap in Battlelowaiyin800D29C0 001E
TopMax Explowaiyin8006CF6C FFFF
8006CF6E FF00
TopMax Hplowaiyin8006CF7E FFFF
TopMax Mplowaiyin8006CF82 FFFF
TopNo Weightlowaiyin8006CFA6 0000
TopAccurate and Avoidnesslowaiyin8006D02E FFFF
8006D030 FFFF
TopAttack And Defenselowaiyin8006D02C FFFF
TopCurrent HPlowaiyin8006D020 FFFF
TopCurrent MPlowaiyin8006D024 FFFF
TopEquipment Modifierlowaiyin8006D048 XXYY
TopFast Learn Continue Attacklowaiyin8006D064 FFFF
8006D066 FFFF
8006D068 FFFF
8006D06A FFFF
8006D06E FFFF
8006D070 FFFF
8006D072 FFFF
TopLevel 255lowaiyin8006D036 00FF
TopLevel Up Every Battlelowaiyin8006D018 0000
8006D01A 0000
TopMagic And Magic Defenselowaiyin8006D032 FFFF
TopMax Ap in Battlelowaiyin800D29C0 001E
TopMax Explowaiyin8006D010 FFFF
8006D012 FF00
TopMax Hplowaiyin8006D022 FFFF
TopMax Mplowaiyin8006D026 FFFF
TopNo Weightlowaiyin8006D04A 0000
TopAccurate and Avoidnesslowaiyin8006D0D2 FFFF
8006D0D4 FFFF
TopAttack And Defenselowaiyin8006D0D0 FFFF
TopCurrent HPlowaiyin8006D0C4 FFFF
TopCurrent MPlowaiyin8006D0C8 FFFF
TopEquipment Modifierlowaiyin8006D0EC XXYY
TopFast Learn Continue Attacklowaiyin8006D108 FFFF
8006D10A FFFF
8006D10C FFFF
8006D10E FFFF
8006D112 FFFF
8006D114 FFFF
8006D116 FFFF
TopLevel 255lowaiyin8006D0DA 00FF
TopLevel Up Every Battlelowaiyin8006D0BC 0000
8006D0BE 0000
TopMagic And Magic Defenselowaiyin8006D0D6 FFFF
TopMax Ap in Battlelowaiyin800D29C0 001E
TopMax Explowaiyin8006D0B4 FFFF
8006D0B6 FF00
TopMax Hplowaiyin8006D0C6 FFFF
TopMax Mplowaiyin8006D0CA FFFF
TopNo Weightlowaiyin8006D0EE 0000
TopAccurate and Avoidnesslowaiyin8006D176 FFFF
8006D178 FFFF
TopAttack And Defenselowaiyin8006D174 FFFF
TopCurrent HPlowaiyin8006D168 FFFF
TopCurrent MPlowaiyin8006D16C FFFF
TopEquipment Modifierlowaiyin8006D190 XXYY
TopFast Learn Continue Attacklowaiyin8006D1AC FFFF
8006D1B0 FFFF
8006D1B2 FFFF
8006D1B4 FFFF
8006D1B6 FFFF
8006D1B8 FFFF
TopLevel 255lowaiyin8006D17E 00FF
TopLevel Up Every Battlelowaiyin8006D160 0000
8006D162 0000
TopMagic And Magic Defenselowaiyin8006D17A FFFF
TopMax Ap in Battlelowaiyin800D29C0 001E
TopMax Explowaiyin8006D158 FFFF
8006D15A FF00
TopMax Hplowaiyin8006D16A FFFF
TopMax Mplowaiyin8006D16E FFFF
TopNo Weightlowaiyin8006D192 0000
TopAccurate and Avoidnesslowaiyin8006D21A FFFF
8006D21C FFFF
TopAttack And Defenselowaiyin8006D218 FFFF
TopCurrent HPlowaiyin8006D20C FFFF
TopCurrent MPlowaiyin8006D210 FFFF
TopEquipment Modifierlowaiyin8006D234 XXYY
TopFast Learn Continue Attacklowaiyin8006D250 FFFF
8006D252 FFFF
8006D254 FFFF
8006D256 FFFF
8006D258 FFFF
8006D25A FFFF
8006D25C FFFF
8006D25E FFFF
TopLevel 255lowaiyin8006D222 00FF
TopLevel Up Every Battlelowaiyin8006D204 0000
8006D206 0000
TopMagic And Magic Defenselowaiyin8006D21E FFFF
TopMax Ap in Battlelowaiyin800D29C0 001E
TopMax Explowaiyin8006D1FC FFFF
8006D1FE FF00
TopMax Hplowaiyin8006D20E FFFF
TopMax Mplowaiyin8006D212 FFFF
TopNo Weightlowaiyin8006D236 0000
Top1st Gear [ Waltall ]lowaiyin3006D678 00FF
3006D6B0 0026
8006D6AC 2610
8006D6AE 2610
3006D6DA 00FF
3006D6DB 00F0
3006D6D4 00FF
Top2nd Gear [Brigander]lowaiyin3006D7C0 00FF
3006D7F8 0026
8006D7F4 2610
8006D7F6 2610
3006D822 00FF
3006D823 00FF
3006D81C 00FF
Top3rd Gear [ Vierge ]lowaiyin3006D71C 00FF
3006D754 0026
8006D750 2610
8006D752 2610
3006D77E 00FF
3006D77F 00FF
3006D778 00FF
Top4th Gear [ Heimdal ]lowaiyin3006D864 00FF
3006D89C 0026
8006D898 2610
8006D89A 2610
3006D8C6 00FF
3006D8C7 00FF
3006D8C0 00FF
Top5th Gear [ Renmazuo ]lowaiyin3006D908 00FF
3006D940 0026
8006D93C 2610
8006D93E 2610
3006D96A 00FF
3006D96B 00FF
3006D964 00FF
Top1st Gear [ Waltall ]lowaiyin8006D69C 1869
8006D69E 000F
8006D6A0 1869
8006D6A2 000F
Top2nd Gear [ Brigander ]lowaiyin8006D7E4 1869
8006D7E6 000F
8006D7E8 1869
8006D7EA 000F
Top3rd Gear [ Vierge ]lowaiyin8006D740 1869
8006D742 000F
8006D744 1869
8006D746 000F
Top4th Gear [ Heimdal ]lowaiyin8006D888 1869
8006D88A 000F
8006D88C 1869
8006D88E 000F
Top5th Gear [ Renmazuo ]lowaiyin8006D92C 1869
8006D92E 000F
8006D930 1869
8006D932 000F
Top1st Gear [ Waltall ]lowaiyin8006D674 270F
8006D676 270F
Top2nd Gear [ Brigander ]lowaiyin8006D7BC 270F
8006D7BE 270F
Top3rd Gear [ Vierge ]lowaiyin8006D718 270F
8006D71A 270F
Top4th Gear [ Heimdal ]lowaiyin8006D860 270F
8006D862 270F
Top5th Gear [ Renmazuo ]lowaiyin8006D904 270F
8006D906 270F
TopAll Characters Level 99 after one battle [ Note ]lowaiyinD0058A10 000A
800CC9A6 01C9
TopInfinite Moneylowaiyin8006E5E8 FFFF
8006E5EA FF00
TopInfinite Number Of Item In First Boxlowaiyin8006EC54 6363
TopSave anywherelowaiyin800B1840 0001
TopTotal Game Time =00:00lowaiyin80058B24 0000
Top1st Gear [ Waltall ]lowaiyin8006D6A4 0000
Top2nd Gear [ Brigander ]lowaiyin8006D748 0000
Top3rd Gear [ Vierge ]lowaiyin8006D7EC 0000
Top4th Gear [ Heimdal ]lowaiyin8006D890 0000
Top5th Gear [ Renmazuo ]lowaiyin8006D934 0000
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