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  • Beating Calamity
There is a very easy way to beat Calamity even when your levels are kind of low. The main thing you should do is to buy a new engine for both Weltall and Brigadier from the old man in the cave . The engine output determines how much power your attacks have, and your beginning engines are just too weak to do and damage to Calamity. After buying the engines, you might want to also buy a stronger frame and some extra armor pieces. Then just use what attacks and deathblows you have and it should be rather simple to beat him. | [TrinidadCelestinolll]
  • Change Gears Quickly
Press L2 + R2 when on the world map or at a place that you can use your Gears to hop in and out without going to the menu.
  • Chrono Trigger's Lucca Cameo
Lucca from Chrono Trigger is in Xenogears. After the game first begins, take control of Fei and go to the Information House (left of the Elder's House). Look closely to see that it is Lucca that teaches you about Save Points.
  • DeathBlow Hint For Characters
This isn't a cheat, just a hint. Anyway,. here's what you do. When you start a battle with anyone (People not robots) just use the combination X,X for your attacks.(assuming you have 6 combo points available) When you do this you will get points towards learning new deathblow techniques. Note that this is faster than using previous deathblows. | [DustinGardner]
  • Get the wedding dress
When fighting Dan in the contest, don't hit him. Just heal your self if you need to. After a wile Dan will stop and talk to you. He will then give you his sisters wedding dress. | [John]
  • Have Emerala Grown up
After you are free to move around on the 2nd Disc. Fly around Bable Tower untill you see a Light house. Make sure u have Emerala in your party land by the Light house and enter. When your in you can enter certain buildings that have a light. After doing a little exploring. When you reach a parking lot Fei will say "We can get out here" then get out of your gears and look for a man hole its hard to see depending on the brightness of your T.V. Enter man hole and after a few revealing scenes Emerala will be an adult.
  • Hint: Defeating Calamity
A huge Gear will be encountered at the end of the Stalactite Cave. Make sure Fei and Bart are on high levels (20-25), even though it still may be difficult win at that. Have Bart cast Wild Smile on Calamity, making it hard for him to hit you with any of his physical attacks. Next, hit him with all your ten point attacks, and save your energy until your Gear power is at level one. Use your best level one combos for both Fei and Bart, hopefully hurting the Huge gear. Keep in mind that Calamity has 2500 HP, and that it will take a while to wear him down. His missile attack will still hit you with 400 - 500 points of damage, not giving you much time to defeat him. Use Fei's Guided Shot as your last defense.
  • Hint: Defeating Hamar
This is useful during disc 2. A monster called Hamar, who self-destructs after he glows red, is located at the dungeon where Rico gets his new Gear. The explosion is lethal, but the party can escape before Hamar explodes. However, the trick here is to kill him before he blows up to receive a special item that increases the chance of receiving rare items to 100%. Reserve some infinity or level 3 attacks until Hamar turns red. Once he starts glowing, give it all to him. (Booster also helps). With the special item equipped, go to any forest and fight white snails. These creatures were plentiful in disc 1, but now they are quite rare. Killing these creatures gives the speed belt (helps gears and human battles). Besides this, there are many other special items/equipment carried by monsters.
Re: Xenogears

  • Hint: Fighting Tip
Immediately dash up to your opponent and begin rapidly alternating between the X (attack) and the Circle (dash) buttons. X will launch a kick and Circle will cancel the combo, allowing you to immediately start another. With a bit of practice, any Gear (including the Champ's) will be in endless stagger until it is defeated.
  • Hint: Lahan Well Items
At the start of the game in Lahan, jump down the well a few times. You will get an eyeball (sell it for gold), an Aquasol S, a Power Ring, a chill and a lot of "well" puns.
  • Hint: Obtaining the Deathblow Item
When you are on the Thames, you will encounter people who challenge you to a game that is similar to Speed. If you win against all the people located in the Beer hall and the Supply Grounds, go to the Armor grounds and play against the female who is standing with two men. If you beat her, she will give you a deathblow item for your Gear. This item will allow you to do a deathblow attack.
  • Hint: Replenish armor and fuel on all Gears
This trick is useful after getting access to the Yggdrasil, and your Gears are damaged from battle. Simply enter the Yggdrasil and exit to replenish the armor and fuel on all Gears.
  • Secret Gear
There is a secret gear, "Argento", in the battle arena at Kislev. Put on a special mode 1. Go to bonus battling. Put on the option on 3 round, hard difficulty.

Beat ALL the gears without losing a round. After that, beat the gear you were playing as with Xenogear (Fie gear). In the characters selection, Argento will be to the left of welltall. | [gabrillo]
  • Sound Test
When you are in the Yadrisil (Sandmarine Ship), go to the control room and talk to the large dolphin-like control man. Choose the top selection for a sound test. He will keep asking the same question over and over again. Select the first choice again for a new sound, or use the second choice to exit.
  • View Gears
After winning two rounds in the battle arena in Kislev, press R2 + L2 to remove the victory time text from the screen. Press Left or Right to rotate your Gear.
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