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Wrecking Crew

Typed out by Thomas Mattsson




Thank you for selecting the Nintendo(R) Entertainment System(TM) Wrecking
Crew(TM) Pak.


This Nintendo Programmable game lets you design your own buildings,
place barriers where you want them, and then get set to demolish
them in record time. So you can build a different maze of obstacles
to tear down every game! You can also choose to knock through a
series of walls pre-programmed by Nintendo. Each wall gets tougher,
and you have to be clever to keep away from monsters like "Gotcha
Wrench" and "Egg Plant Man", blazing Fireballs, and the mean "Foreman Spike".

Please read this instruction booklet to ensure proper handling of your
new game, and then save the booklet for future reference.


1) This is a high precision game. It should not be stored in places that
are very hot or cold. Never hit it or drop it. Do not take it apart.
2) Avoid touching the connectors, do not get them dirty or wet.
Doing so may damage the game.
3) Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol or other
such solvents.


Controller 1 - Moves Mario in 1 or 2 player game
Controller 2 - Moves Luigi in 2 player game

Controller 1 / Controller 2

Control pad
Left - He moves to the left.
Up - He moves up.
Right - He moves to the right.
Down - He moves down.

[A and B Buttons]
* These are attack buttons. When pressed, Mario (or Luigi) will attack
the wall, or obstacle, with his hammer.
* Also used to select a building (numbered from 1 to 100) at the
beginning of the game.

Move the wrecking ball to the game you wish
to select from the game menu by pressing this button.
* 1-PLAYER game is for one player.
* 2-PLAYER game is for two players.
* DESIGN mode is for programming your own game
(see instructions).

START Button
Press this button to begin.

1. If you wish to interrupt play in the middle
of a game, press the START Button.
The pause tone will sound, and the game will
2. If you press the control pad while the
game is stopped, the screen moves up or
down so that the entire building can be seen.
3. Press the START Button again when you
wish to continue the game. The game will
continue from where you left off.

* The TOP SCORE disappears once the power
switch is turned OFF.

[The Characters]

Players Foreman

Mario Luigi Spike
(Controller 1) (Controller 2)

Monsters Fireball

Gotchawrench Jr. Gotchawrench Eggplant Man

Walls & Props

*Walls for demolition * Things that can't be
(points are given demolished.
when demolished)

(Hit once) (Hit twice) (Door) (Ladder)
Falls at 1 Cracks at 1 Opens when knocked. Used to go
blow. blow. Monsters can go in up and down.
Falls at 2 and out when opened.

(Hit 3 times) (Ladder wall) (Dead-end drum) (Floor)
Cracks at 2 Falls at 1 When in the way, Danger of
blows. blow. you can't go falling when
Falls at 3 Can also be forward. the floor is
blows. used as a missing.

*Demolition tools

(Dynamite) (Pillar)
To knock down If knocked down,
walls on both the wall, or
sides. whatever it was
supporting, falls.


1. Press button A or B at the game menu to display
the number of the building you want to play on.
* PHASE = XXX is displayed.
* Any building between 1 and 100 may be selected.
The higher the figure the more difficult it gets.
* In the 2-PLAYER game, once the game has
finished, Mario has first choice for the phase No.
of the next game.
2. When the next game starts, the phase No., score
(min. 000000), and No. of remaining Marios
(Luigis) are displayed. The screen then moves
down and the walls that are flashing are those
designated for demolition.
3. Use the control pad to move Mario (Luigi) to
different walls on each floor. Hit walls with the A
or B button to demolish them. When all of the
walls that were flashing at the beginning have been
demolished, that building is finished, and you
move on to the next one.

* On each floor, the players can go off the left side of the screen and
reappear on the right side, and vice-versa, as long as there are no gaps
in the floor and there is no drum obstructing either end.

4. The monsters (Gotchawrench and Eggplant man) and Foreman
Spike are likely to try and interfere with Mario (Luigi) while he
is at work. Use the control pad skillfully to get by them. Be
especially careful not to get stuck behind a dead-end drum when
you do this.
* Foreman Spike has a habit of hitting Mario (Luigi) from behind
and making him fall, so watch out!
5. If you spend too long on the same floor, a fireball will come
flying out. See if you can keep from getting burned!
6. Dynamite can be used to blast several walls at once, but if you
are not careful to escape to the right or left, you will be blown
over by the blast and will fall down to the bottom of the screen.
7. When you lose a man, you must start demolishing that building
again from the beginning.
8. When all of the walls have been demolished, the screen changes
to the next building.
9. Bonuses
After phases that are a multiple of 4, you get a bonus phase.
(Ex.) The phase after phase 4, the phase after
phase 8 ...

* There is a coin hidden in one of the walls that are
standing in a row. You have to hurry up and climb
the ladder, knock down the walls, and find the
coin before Foreman Spike does.

* When you find the coin, the time on the clock is added to your
score as a bonus. If Mario (Luigi) finds the coin on the first try,
there is a special super bonus of 10,000 points.

Secret Weapons
The wrecking crew has a few special tricks. If these are used
cleverly, you can make the game work to your advantage and get
super high points.
On the other hand, if you use these techniques badly, they can
backfire and eliminate Mario (Luigi) altogether, so be careful.
* The following is a description of a few of the techniques.

[Secret Weapons]

1. Dynamite several walls in a row.
Leads to super high points.

2. Whopper punch
A sizzling punch to attack Foreman Spike
or whatever enemy may be on the other side
of the wall.

3. Dynamite escape
OK even when sandwiched by monsters.

4. Monster chase
Hammer open the door and herd the monsters

5. Dynamite the door open
Opens even a faraway door.

6. Drum walking
You can walk over the drums.

7. Drum drop
Capture Foreman Spike and the monsters alive.

8. Fence-in strategy
The monster is trapped and can't move.

9. Search for Mario's (Luigi's) name
If you can find the letters of the name in the
right order (M A R I O), you get an extra man.
(The maximum number of times this is displayed
is 8.)

[Hopeless cases]

1. Covered by a drum
You have to start all over again from the beginning

2. Boxed-in
No escape

3. In a fix
No escape

* You lose one Mario (or Luigi) if you're hit by a fireball.
* You also lose one Mario (or Luigi) if you're hit by a monster.

* The score is displayed above the roof of the building (the roof is
visible at the beginning of the game).
* The top score is displayed directly under the roof.
* Points are scored in the following way:
When you demolish one wall 100 points
When you demolish several walls in a row (Max.) 800 points
For a live capture 1,600 points
* Bonus points
Depending on the time left on the clock: 5,000 - 0 points.
If you find the coin on the first try, you get an additional 10,000 points.


Design your very own building in the DESIGN mode
by adding different walls, props, and monsters as you
* You can design and play up to 4 buildings.

1. Use the SELECT button to display the game
2. Using the SELECT button or the control pad,
move the wrecking ball to DESIGN and
press the START button.
The DESIGN mode menu will be displayed.
3. Move the wrecking ball to DESIGN on the
DESIGN mode menu and press the START button.
The figure selection screen will appear. Now
you can begin designing you own building.

Note: Save and Load menu selections are not operable
in this game; they have been programmed in for
potential product developments.

How to create and play on your own (original building)

1. There are 15 different figures you can choose from
(see pg. 5-6).
2. Using the control pad, move the square flashing
on the display to wherever you want to locate the
walls, props, or monster.
3. By pressing either the A or B button, the figure
inside the square will change. When the thing you
want is displayed, move the square to the next
* The A button displays the figures in forward
sequence and the B button, in backward sequence.
4. If you make a mistake and want to erase a figure, place the
flashing square over the mistaken figure and select the space
with the A or B button.
5. Once you have finished designing your building, press the
SELECT button. The DESIGN mode menu will then return to the
screen. Next, select a 1 player or a 2 player game. Press the
START button to begin the game.
6. When you have finished with the DESIGN mode and want to return
to the normal game mode, press the SELECT button at the figure
selection screen. The DESIGN mode menu will reappear. Move
the wrecking ball to RESET, press the START button and the
original game menu will be displayed.


* If no walls have been included in your building, the game will
not work since there is nothing to be demolished.
* In the DESIGN mode, only 1 Mario, 1 Foreman Spike and 6 monsters
can be selected. If you try to set more than these, the figures will
not appear on the screen.
* A maximum of 8 doors can be set for one building. If you try to
set more than these, the door figure will not appear in the square.
* You cannot set more than one figure in the same place.
* You cannot set one pillar on top of another in sequence.
* You cannot set a door on top of a pillar.
* There is no bonus phase in the DESIGN mode.
* Everything else is practically the same as in the normal game.
* Only Mario appears in DESIGN mode, but you can have fun playing
the 2 player game in turns in the same way as in the normal game.
(Control of Mario switches from one controller to the other with each phase.)

[Useful functions]

There are some handy functions built into controller 2 for use when
creating your own building in the DESIGN mode.
* How to call up the preset phase 1 - 100 buildings from the DESIGN mode.
1. Return to the game menu. Display the phase number of the building
you want using the A or B button on controller 1.

2. After returning to the DESIGN mode menu, display the phase
number of the building you want once more, using the A button on
Controller 1. The empty figure selection screen will be displayed.
3. Then, while holding down the control pad on controller 2, press
the B button (of the same controller) and the building you selected
will be displayed.
4. You can the freely add or subtract figures as you wish, in the
same way as when designing an original building from scratch.

* Besides the above, controller 2 has many other useful functions
when in the DESIGN mode.

* When you want to clear the building you have been designing and
start over: Press the A and B buttons on controller 2 simultaneously.

* When you want to clear the floors, too:
Right on the control pad + A button on controller 2

* When you want to make one side of the screen all ladders:
Down on the control pad + A button on controller 2

* When you want to make one side of the screen all ladder walls:
Left on the control pad + A button on controller 2

* When you want to make one side of the screen all dynamite:
Up on the control pad + A button on controller 2

* When you want to make one side of the screen all "Hit once" walls:
Right on the control pad + B button on controller 2

* When you want to make one side of the screen all "Hit twice" walls:
Down on the control pad + B button on controller 2

* When you want to make one side of the screen all "Hit 3 times" walls:
Left on the control pad + B button on controller 2

[Naming your building]

In the DESIGN mode of the Wrecking Crew game, you can write up
to 10 letters or numbers of your choice on the roof of the building
that you designed.
1. While designing a building in the DESIGN mode (figure selection
screen), press the START button and the cursor just under the roof
will start to flash.
2. With the control pad (LEFT and RIGHT) you can move the cursor to the
left and right, and with the control pad (UP) you can select letters or numbers.
* The top button of the control pad will display characters in forward
sequence and the bottom button in reverse sequence.
3. When the character you want appears above the cursor, move the
cursor to the next location using the control pad. (The character
will be left behind where you want it and only the empty cursor will move.)
4. Once the letters or numbers have all been entered, press the
START button again. The cursor will disappear, and you can return
to figure selection.
* As your name/number goes in the space just under the roof, there
is no display of the top score in the DESIGN mode.

(c) 1985 Nintendo Co., Ltd.
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