Won't Boot From a Disc Anymore?

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Wow! Nice to see an active Dreamcast forum! I searched for this before I posted and didn't see anything quite like this, so I hope someone can help me out.

This weekend, I decided to get to some DC games that I never finished (nothing against the games, it's just how I am, especially with games that I like, I never want them to end!). I decided to start Grandia II over (I was REALLY close to the end before it got shelved by life) after several years of not playing it. I popped in my barely used Gameshark Lite (Seriously, I think I used it 5 times tops... jeeze, sorry for all of the parentheticals) and loaded up some cheats for it. Like I said, I was at the end and just wanted to see the story again because I'd forgotten a lot of the details. I played for 3 hours or so and stepped away for a while. Later that night, I went back and it wouldn't boot from the Gameshark! It plays games fine, but it won't boot from the GS. I turned on the autoplay feature, still nothing. I cleaned the disc with water and then with alcohol, checked for scuffs or smudges, nothing. It just won't start. I tried using a lens cleaning disc but it won't spin up, at least not for very long.

Just to test, I downloaded and burned the utopia boot disc at the slowest speed possible and it won't boot from that, either. So something screwy happened between the afternoon and evening. I'm completely confused... I even tried different controllers, different VMUs in different slots... it won't boot from a disc, but everything else works okay.

Any tips? I'm baffled.
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