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  • 65536 Stars!!!
First use the password HSSN RLLL. Enter the shop and buy a potato and a banana(use the shop discount cheat seen above). Leave the shop and mix the fruits. the hint shop will appear. Enter the hint shop and use your stars on a hint( any hint, but -A- is good). Enter and re-enter the shop holding Start and C. The screen will keep flashing. When you have used all your stars, the counter will roll over to 65536 stars. Buy all you want.
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  • Harder Game
For a real challenge, wait for the Sega logo appears and hold A + B + C, then press Start twice. You'll hear a voice say "Yeah" and a new "Super Wizard" setting will appear on the Options menu.
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  • More Passwords
Enter the password MRCF RSCD and you'll start the game with all the gems, 500 stars, and opens random doors! The passwords CBSK LGQD,BBBB BBBB, TTTT TTTT, and MQHS PKDN give the hints W,X,Y,Z(respectively).
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  • Open Shop/Star Bonus
To start the game with the shop open and 100 stars to spend, hold START and press C while entering the last letter of any valid password.
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  • Passwords
Password - Effect

TCDT-GBBS - Play against any boss
MGTP-GLLS - Warp to final round
LSBQ-KGKH - Sorceror level 6
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  • Shop Discounts
If you hold START and press C when the word "Buy" is highlighted, the cost of all items will be cut in half.
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  • Spells
Spell - Effect

Strawberry + Banana = Magic Diamond
Potato + Banana = Hint Shop
Avocado + Avocado = All Bonus Letters
Pear + Cherry = 175 Extra Stars
Carrot + Tomato = 5,000 Points
Lemon + Pear = Fruit Increased
Mushroom + Cabbage = Special Stage 1
Lemon + Mushroom = 1 Second Extra Time
Strawberry + Orange = Special Stage 2
Cabbage + Lemon = No Invisible Letters
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  • Time Ball Release
Hold UP and press A to release the time ball during the game. You can only use this once per round, and if you do it too often, it gets harder to find each time.
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