Wii remote originally on DC - Atari US - 2d VG renaissance ?

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Maybe nobody will care about this thread like this one I made
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Atari US tries to separate from it's parent Atari French company that was owned by one of CEOs of original Atari in 1980s before Atari became 2 Ataris in 1990s ha. Is the Atari we knew in 1980s totally gone or is it Atari US which went through a crapload of hands already ?

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I think Matrix Path Of Neo by Atari on xbox was not original Atari but some company that bought half of Atari rights like Infrogames or something. Anyway Atari U.S. (a sub of Atari France which is a sub of Infrogames ?) is filing for bankruptcy to become it's own parent company. So once again we will have 2 Ataris, a US one and French one which probably neither have any direct connection to original Atari except name and classic game title rights.

Sega is in bad shape in terms of it's glory of 1990s compared to Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft but they aren't that bad ha.

But ever notice how most of these new games are 2d ? I mean it's 2013 and cell phones have 2d angry birds, wii has 2d mario galaxy, wiiu has super duper mario world 2 that's 2d, people play many old classics that are 2d. I mean it just seems like 2d is coming back.

Hopefully Atari and Sega can take advantage of this 2d renaissance.
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