What's your Dreamcast story?

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This is my first thread, so I'll keep it simple. :) How did you find out about the Dreamcast? When did you buy one, and how do you feel about the system now?

At first I was a Nintendo kid, and that was the only game company I knew or cared about. Then around '99, two things happened. First, my brother bought a Model 3 Genesis, which we played the heck out of (still works today), and that turned me on to the awesomeness of Sega. The second thing was, I walked into Funcoland one day and saw them demonstrating this mysterious new system. I couldn't believe how good the graphics were or how fun the games looked.

Then I started seeing the commercials and found it was called the Dreamcast, which I thought was a sweet name. But I was still playing the N64 and there was no way the 14-year-old me could afford a new $200 system, so it passed me by. Before I knew it the Dreamcast was history, and when I finally did get a non-Nintendo system I opted for a PlayStation 2. (Mostly so I could play Xenosaga Episode I, but that's another story.) Finally in 2007 I started researching the DC online and felt bad that it got such a raw deal, so I decided to buy one...and I've had one ever since. It's my favorite console ever, and I love reading about its history and hearing others' experiences with it. :D
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