WarioWare Mega Microgames (Codebreaker/US)

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final kaoss

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By ConkerGuru

Pitch Modifier
74000130 01BF
830068F4 2B43
74000130 01EF
830068F4 3043
74000130 01DF
830068F4 3443
74000130 017F
830068F4 3943

Dpad-Up+L button - Higher
Dpad-Right+L button - A bit higher
Dpad-Left+L button - Default
Dpad-Down+L button - A bit lower

Not only are the sounds altered, the drums are as well. (the only exception are any blips and blops being played directly by the sound hardware) The preset values in this code can be changed.
My preferred value as being default is 36A3.

Sounds Echoing Modifier
330068F0 0023
830068F2 0402

1st line modifies how much echoing there is in the game audio, 30068F3 alters how much should be applied to 30068F0. 30068F2 sets whether the echo is sharp or smooth.

Microgame Start/Pause
74000130 02EF
33004891 0003
74000130 02DF
33004891 0002

Dpad-Left+R button - Resume microgame execution
Dpad-Right+R button - Pause microgame execution

This code can be used to cheat at most of the microgames, while in others it really has no benefit, but it can cause some strange effects if activated in certain situations.

Microgame Modifier(Game Grid)
33000E61 00XX

00-crazy cars
02-wario whirled
03-Log Chop
04-Space Escape
05-Jumpin Rope'
06-Fruit Fall
08-Hare Scare
09-Munch a Bunch
0A-Space Fighter
0B-Dodge Balls
0C-Saving Face
0D-Arrow Space
0F-Sloppy Salon
10-Zero to Hero
12-Manic Mechanic
13-Heads Up
14-Diamond Dig
15-Terminal Velocity
16-Bad Man Bash
17-Flower Shower
18-Dry Eye
19-Go Fer the Tater
1B-Pitcure Perfect
1C-Hover for Cover
1D-Right in the Eye
1F-Paper Plane
20-Fruit Shoot
21-I Spy
24-Crash Test, Dummy!
26-Page Panic
27-Hectic Highway
28-Batter Up
29-Balancing Act
2A-Parking Prowess
2B-Spare Me
2C-Mountain Mountin'
2D-Pro Curling
2E-Hammer Toss
2F-Block Breaker(Unused)
30-Veggie Might
31-Ring My Bell
32-Hurry Hurdles
33-Hoppin' Mad
35-Guy Scraper
36-UFO Assist
38-Bug Bite
39-Baseline Bash
3A-High Hoops
3B-Gifted Goalie
3E-Lift & Shout
3F-Ski Jump
40-The Maze That Pays
43-Classic Clash I
44-Mouse Trap
45-Alien Ambush
47-Putt for Dough
48-Bubble Trouble
49-Laser Outlaw
4A-Hogan's Alley
4C-Mars Ball Destroy
4D-Wild Gunman
4E-Duck Hunt
4F-Classic Clash II
50-Pompeii Back
51-Balloon Fight
52-Coconut Catapult
53-Crazy Cars(Unused variant?)
54-Sunny Side Up
55-Classic Clash III
56-Gold Digger
58-Scooter Commuter
59-Air Supplies
5A-Donkey Kong
5B-Scoot or Die
5D-Urban Champion
5E-F1 Race(Unused)
5F-Family Basic
60-Tidal Cave
61-I Came, I Saw
62-Slick Wheelie
63-Mario Clash
64-Chicken Pinch
65-Mario Paint: Fly Swatter
67-Mars Jars
68-Super Fly
6A-Racing 112
6B-Word Up
6D-Fries With That?
6E-Dr. Mario
6F-Disc O' Dog
70-Wario Wear
71-Ninja Pipe Cleaner
73-The Legend of Zelda
74-Douse the House
75-Sole Man
76-Mirror Mirror
77-Banana Munch
78-Worm Squirm
79-Super Mario bros.
7A-Kitty Cover
7B-The Claw
7C-Nighttime Allergies
7D-Hard Core
7E-The Brush Off
7F-Penguin Shuffle
80-Wrong Way Highway
81-Boom Box
82-Ninja Vision
83-Spunky Monkey
84-Toast the Ghosts
85-Ultra Hand
87-City Surfer
88-Crack Down
89-Butterfly Stroke
8A-Snowboard Slalom
8C-Raging Rhino
8E-Mashin' Martians
90-Quickie Quiz
91-Veg Out
92-Body Block
93-Berry Berry Good
94-Funky Fountain
95-Stick & Move
96-Cheeky Monkey
97-Cat Nap
98-Assembly Line
99-Crane Game
9A-What's Your Beef?
9B-Wario Bros.
9C-Pod Pinch
9D-Blow Hole Bridge
9E-Hot Dog Hog
9F-Two Birds, Big Rocks
A0-Shingle Smasher
A1-Wario Pinball
A2-Down & Outie
A3-Laser Vision
A4-Thumb Wrestling
A5-Hasty Pastry
A6-Wario Facial
A7-Grow Wario Grow
A9-Wario Windsock
AA-Loot Scoot
AB-Float Your Boat
AD-Mix & Match
AE-Bug Birdie
AF-Apple Shrapnel
B1-Unexcite Bike
B2-Rock Paper Scissors
B3-Spoon Spectacular
B4-High Treeson
B5-Leafy Greens
B6-Rough Puff
B7-Make My Clay
B8-Wario Kendo
B9-Sinking Feeling
BA-Kettle Mettle
BB-Ice Climber
BC-Game Boy
BD-Produce Pandemonium
BF-Noodle Cup
C0-Odd Man Out
C1-Petri Panic
C2-Electric Groove Fish
C3-Identity Crisis
C4-Sphinx Hijinks
C5-Strength In Numbers
C6-Maze Daze
C7-Button Masher
C8-Gear Head Fred
C9-The Great Cover-Cup
CA-Getcha Groove On
CC-What's the Toadal?
CD-Tip the Scale
CE-Four Leaf Hover
CF-Find My Behind
D1-Cavity Calamity
D2-The Real mcCoy
D4-Praise or Haze II
D5-Code Buster
D6-Garage Rock
D7-ultra machine
D8-crazy cars(dummy)
DA-Nail Call
DB-Galaxy 2003
DC-Sparring Wario
DD-Dungeon Dilemma
DE-Crazy Cars(dummy)
DF-The Frog Flap
E0-Alien Laser Hero
E1-Wario's Adventure
E2-Warios sheriff
E3-Dr. Wario
E4-Fly Swatter
E5-Ping Pong(Unused)
E6-Dong Dong
E8-Crazy Cars(dummy)
EB-Chicken Race
EC-Jump Forever
ED-Paper Plane
EE-Skating Board
EF-Crazy Cars(dummy)
F0-Crazy Cars(dummy)
F1-Jimmy Break
F2-Wario Break
F3-Orbulon Break
F4-Crygor Break
F5-9-Volt Break
F6-Kat_Ana Break
F7-Mona Break
F8-Dribble and Spitz Break
F9-Wario Break 2
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