Warhammer - Shadow of the Horned Rat (NTSC-U)

GameShark & Pro Action Replay Codes for the PS1 aka the PSX.

final kaoss

Staff member
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DCD9C 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DCD9F 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DCD22 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DCDB0 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DCD4E 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DCD4C 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DCD5D 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DCD5E 00??
TopCommander's armor level modifier (01 - 05)Deathofrats300DBDF0 00??
TopCommander's skill level modifier (01 - 05)Deathofrats300DBDF3 00??
TopExperience modifierDeathofrats800DBE04 ????You should use these to best effect<BR> 07CF = 1999 exp<BR> 0F9F = 3999 exp<BR> 1F3F = 7999 exp
TopMax troopsDeathofrats800DBDA0 2000
TopTroop armor level modifier (01 - 05)Deathofrats300DBDB2 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DBDDC 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DBDDF 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DBD62 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DBDF0 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DBD8E 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DBD8C 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DBD9D 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DBD9E 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DCCF4 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DCCF6 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DCC7A 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DCD08 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DCCA6 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DCCA4 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DCCB5 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DCCB6 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DCE72 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DCF00 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DCE9E 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DCE9C 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DCEAD 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DCEAE 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DBE84 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DBE87 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DBE0A 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DBE98 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DBE36 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DBE34 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DBE45 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DBE46 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DCC4C 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DCC4F 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DCBD2 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DCC60 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DCBFE 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DCBFC 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DCC0D 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DCC0F 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC5bC 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DC5BF 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DC542 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DC5D0 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DC56E 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DC56C 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DC57D 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC57E 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DBB3C 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DBB3F 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DBAC2 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DBB50 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DBAEE 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DBAEC 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DBAFD 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DBAFE 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DCBA4 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DCBA6 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DCB2A 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DCBB8 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DCB56 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DCB54 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DCB65 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DCB66 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC664 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DC667 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DC5EA 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DC678 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DC616 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DC614 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DC625 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC626 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DBFD4 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DBFD7 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DBF5A 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DBFE8 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DBF86 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DBF84 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DBF95 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DBF96 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DBF2C 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level[email protected]300DBF2F 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DBEB2 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DBF40 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DBEDE 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DBEDC 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DBEED 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DEEEE 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC1CC 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DC1CF 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DC152 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DC1E0 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DC17E 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DC17C 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DC18D 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC18E 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC06C 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DC06F 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DC002 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DC080 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DC02E 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DC02C 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DC03D 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC03E 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC3B4 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DC3B7 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DC34A 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DC3C8 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DC376 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DC374 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DC385 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC386 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DCF1A 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DCFA8 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DCF46 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DCF44 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DCF55 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DCF56 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC85C 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DC85F 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DC7E2 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DC870 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DC80E 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DC80C 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DC81D 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC81E 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC70C 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DC70F 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DC692 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DC720 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DC6BE 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DC6BC 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DC6CD 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC6CE 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DBA94 0005
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DBA97 00??
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DBAA8 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DBA46 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DBA44 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DBA55 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DBA56 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DBD34 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DBD37 00??
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DBD48 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DBCE6 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DBCE4 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DBCF5 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DBCF6 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DD06A 0007
TopExperience ModifierCode Master800DD0F8 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DD096 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DD094 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DD0A5 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DD0A6 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DCDCA 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DCE58 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DCDF6 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DCDF4 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DCE05 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DCE06 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DCAFC 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]800DCAFF 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DCA82 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DCB10 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DCAAE 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DCAAC 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DCABD 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DCABE 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC904 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DC907 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DC88A 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DC918 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DC8B6 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DC8B4 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DC8C5 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC8C6 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DCA54 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DCA57 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DC9DA 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DCA68 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DCA06 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DCA04 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DCA15 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DCA16 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC514 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DC517 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DC49A 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DC528 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DC4C6 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DC4C4 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DC4D5 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC4D6 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DBBE4 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DBBE7 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DBB6A 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DBBF8 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DBB96 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DBB94 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DBBA5 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DBBA6 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DBC8C 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DBC8F 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DBC12 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DBCA0 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DBC3E 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DBC3C 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DBC4D 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DBC4E 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC274 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DC277 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DC1FA 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DC288 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DC226 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DC224 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DC235 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC236 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC124 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DC127 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DC0AA 0007
TopExperience Modifiier[email protected]800DC138 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800dc0d6 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DC0D4 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DC0E5 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC0E6 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC46C 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DC46F 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DC3F2 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DC480 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DC41E 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DC41C 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DC42D 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC42E 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DCFC2 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DD050 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DCFEE 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DCFEC 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DCFFD 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DCFFE 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC31C 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DC31F 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DC2A2 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DC330 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DC2CE 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DC2CC 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DC2DD 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC2DE 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]800DC7B4 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]800DC7B7 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DC73A 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]800DC7C8 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DC766 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DC764 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DC775 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]800DC776 00??
TopCommander's Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC9AC 00??
TopCommander's Skill Level Modifier[email protected]300DC9AF 00??
TopEnable Unit[email protected]800DC932 0007
TopExperience Modifier[email protected]300DC9C0 ????
TopInfinite Troops[email protected]800DC95E 0020
TopMax Troops[email protected]800DC95C 2000
TopMovement Speed Modifier[email protected]300DC96D 00??
TopTroop Armor Level Modifier[email protected]300DC96E 00??
TopInfinite GoldCode Master800DB920 FFFF
TopInfinite moneyDeathofrats800DB934 034A
TopInfinite reservesDeathofrats800E0CB0 0007
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